RAPEGATE| A full list of all of Hollywood’s sexual predators + MY TAKE ON ALL OF THIS!

This list, here is a long list of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators. I know, I’d assume the whole damn town would be on this, considering the fact that majority of them get on the stage by having sex with big names and other but, let’s go down this list.

James Toback – Multiple women have accused him of luring them into hotel rooms, trailers, and other places for interviews and auditions. The meetings would quickly turn sexual in nature. Toback denies the claims and says his diabetes and heart condition make it impossible for him to take part in that kind of behavior.

Knight Landesman – The Artforum publisher and a power broker has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women. They have filed a joint lawsuit against him, and he has since resigned from Artforum. Continue reading

Charlie Rose Suspended from Multiple Networks and Gayle King says ‘no pass here!”

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Charlie Rose was suspended from PBS, CBS and Bloomberg on Monday, after eight women were forthright and accused him of sexual harassment.

The women, who range from the ages of 21 to 37, made claims that the longtime broadcast journalist used fear and intimidation to sexually harass them while they worked for him.

Some of the disturbing allegations include exposing himself, groping their breasts, buttocks, and genitals, and making sexually aggressive phone calls.

The harassment allegedly occurred from 1990 to 2011.

(Side Dish: Anyone find it weird that there is always a long ass time span, It’s just odd!)

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RAPEGATE | Another Bush Accuser comes forward

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Former President George H.W. Bush is facing new allegations from a woman in Michigan who states that he touched her inappropriately during his tenure in the oval office, at an event in April 1992.

The woman, now 55-years-old, spoke solely with CNN and said she was attending a fundraiser for his (Bush’s) re-election campaign in Dearborn, Michigan, with her father when the president grabbed her rear end during a photo-op. Continue reading