Fantasia Barrino nephew shot and killed in shootout.

Fantasia Barrino

Singer Fantasia Barrino is currently going through a family loss after her eldest nephew was shot and killed in a shoot out in Greensboro,NC on Tuesday morning.

Law enforcement sources told that the former American Idol singer’s 18-year-old nephew Tyquan, the son of her musician brother Ricco, was involved in a verbal/physical altercation at a residential complex in Greensboro, which spilled out into the nearby street.

The young man was shot multiple times and was later on transported to the nearby Moses Cone  Hospital, where the teen was later pronounced dead. A 21-year-old suspect was arrested and had later on been charged with first degree murder. Continue reading

Quincy Jones spills the beans: Richard Pryor’s Bisexuality to Michael Jackson not having Vitiligo.

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Right now what’s hot at the moment is Quincy Jones spilling the beans on what is really going on with some of your favorite stars.

In Vulture Magazine Quincy Jones openly admitted that Richard Pryor had sex with former Hollywood Sex Symbol Marlon Brando back in the 70’s.

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Comedian Richard Pryor (left), Actor Marlon Brando (Right)

While others were shocked, Jennifer Lee, Pryor’s wife wasn’t because she openly admitted that she had known about the situation.

Jennifer tells TMZ, Richard would have no shame in his game about Quincy’s comments. She says her late husband was always very open about his bisexuality with friends.

“It was the ’70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning,” she told TMZ.

Not only that, it was confirmed through both that Pryor was overly-promiscuous and would sleep with almost anybody he set eyes out for at drug-fueled sex parties.

Another shocker that came about was the mentioning of the late Marvin Gaye, having slept with Brando as well.

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Bernice King responds to Newsweek’s insensitive tweet.

The New year has started and Newsweek starts it off with a failed bang.

Newsweek posted a tweet about Dr. Martin Luther King, with a photo of the civil rights leader lying in his casket with the quote ” Has anybody seen my old friend Martin?”but it was quickly deleted after Bernice King, the civil rights leader’s daughter spoke up.

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Myeshia Johnson finds out that not all of LaDavid’s remains were buried.

Myeshia Johnson knew something wasn’t right about her husband’s funeral and the way that the government officials were handling it. For starters the way Donald Trump called her phone was very fishy. Now she has found out that she had only buried some of her husband’s remains and NOT ALL OF THEM.

NBC News reports the remains were retrieved from the spot near the village of Tongo Tongo, Niger, where Johnson and three other American soldiers were ambushed and killed on Oct. 4 by ISIS-linked militants. On November 12th, an inspection of the site by a joint task force of FBI and military investigators later identified LaDavid’s remains via DNA testing. Continue reading

Vietnamese Girl Electrocutes herself while charging IPHONE

A teenage girl has died in Vietnam after she was electrocuted in her sleep by her faulty iPhone charger cable.

Le Thi Xoan, aged 14, had reportedly rolled over in her sleep and by mistake landed on the torn cable of her iPhone Charger and as a result, been exposed to the live wire, police in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi said.

The young woman was found unconscious by her parents and rushed to a local hospital; however, doctors were unable to revive her and pronounced her dead. Continue reading

Researches confirm that Aaron Hernandez’s brain showed signs of Brain CTE.

The Boston researcher who examined the brain of the late football star Aaron Hernandez says it showed the most damage her team had seen in any athlete that was Hernandez’s age.

Hernandez, whose on-field performance for the New England Patriots earned him a $40 million contract in 2012, allegedly hung himself in a prison cell earlier this year while serving a life sentence for murder. He was only 27 years old. Continue reading

Update| Ashanti Billie’s Murderer is caught. Retired NAVY VET ARRESTED!

The killer, former navy vet, may have been obsessed with her.

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In Charlotte, North Carolina a young woman’s body was found behind a church and was discovereed by the groundskeeper who was cutting grass.

The woman was identified as Ashanti Billie, 19, who was a native to Norfolk, VA. Though she was identified, her murderer remained a mystery until Wednesday when Department of  Justice in Charlotte announced that they had arrested a man by the name of Erick Brian Brown. Detectives at Charlotte-Mecklenburg police homicide unit charged, Brown,45, with Murder. Continue reading

Parents learn that their missing daughter was already dead and buried YEARS AGO.

Parents of Crissita Cage-Toaster reported her missing in October of 2009 when she was only 28-years-old.

Her mother Rosita Cage-Toaster reported last month that the police had called her that day to tell her that they had found Crissita’s body in 2010 and buried her unidentified.

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WOW | Homeless man peers through window and finds disabled 40 year old man’s skeleton.

They believe he had been dead for over two years.

The remains of a Dekalb County man’s remains were nothing but bones when he was found, it is believed that the man may have died back in 2015. The deceased was believed to be in his forties and disabled.

Police claim that the man says that he saw the skeleton through the house window on Telstar Drive. He had then run over to neighbors and notified them of what he saw. Continue reading