Kendra Wilkinson’s Cotton Picking Moment goes NOT SO WELL! Receiving Backlash!

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It took this photo of Kendra Wilkinson for people to question her personality.

Kendra Wilkinson learned preferably the easier way that when it comes to picking cotton it’s no laughing matter especially considering American History. She went viral this week after she posted an Instagram story stating “Always wanted to pick cotton.”

And that didn’t goooooo sooooo wellll….. yikes HERE ARE SOME REACTIONS Continue reading

Don Lemon receives racist death threats after asking President Trump to “Leave LaDavid Johnson’s Wife alone.”


Don Lemon is now receiving death threats from a white nationalist Trump Supporter who targeted the CNN Anchor on Twitter.

Lemon reported the threats to the NYPD on Wednesday, according to TMZ.
He received a number of messages on Twitter saying

‘F*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck’ and ‘U r a pile of rotting Dogs*,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron ahole, i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon…’
The report was made for aggravated harassment but NYPD sources say it is likely to be looked at as a hate crime.
The person behind the account where the alleged threats came from is a self-proclaimed white nationalist conservative who is ‘pro gun, anti Islam, anti terrorist anti leftist’. Continue reading

Interracial Dreams Shattered| Football Player Reveals his BABY MAMA has been physically and verbally abusive.

Now, isn’t this a slap back to the face. Nothing you would expect right?


Albert Haynesworth, an Ex NFL star who pictured his future with a big house, behind golden gates, pretty light-skinned children and a white wife had his dream-reality shattered when out of nowhere his wife just started going coo-coo for cocoa puffs on his ass. Haynesworth tweeted that his wife had been abusing him and been calling him the N-WORD.

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Hollywood Still Has Diversity Issues

Via Atlanta Black Star:

Leading up to last summer’s release of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, the film was praised for its diverse casting. Black actresses Zendaya and Laura Harrier, as well Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalan, were given featured roles, while extras of all races played students at Parker’s Queens high school.

The film’s impressive contribution to diversity in Hollywood led many to wonder why, if people of color could surround Peter, he couldn’t be a person of color himself. The answer lies in a Sony licensing agreement leaked in 2015, which set criteria for Parker’s film representation. It explicitly states “his full name is Peter Benjamin Parker; Continue reading

Omarosa maybe ON THE WAY OUT of the White House

All that cooning just might not save her now lol! She brought the spirit of Uncle Ruckus to us and I hope they are going to kill her with the spirit of Bull Conor who will be assisted by Abraham Lincoln. They’re probably going to discard her after they are finished.


According to The Daily Beast Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, John Kelly is gunning for Omarosa, accusing her of triggering Trump with a daily deluge of negative news reports. Continue reading

Florida couple CLAIMS black man with Mohawk stabbed them to only find that this was a LIE!


Jacobs (Left) McCornack (Right)

A Florida woman claims that a Black man with a mohawk stabbed she and her boyfriend. Turns out that she was the one being charged after a bizarre string of incidents.

A Highland County, Florida deputy responded to a call at the Avon Park Homes after a woman by the name of Christina Ann MacCornack, 28, (pictured above) called and reported a stabbing. Soon after being questioned the authorities noticed that McCormick’s story suddenly began to fall apart.

Alongside her was her boyfriend Christopher Thomas Jacobs, 27, (pictured above) also helped with the fabricated story. He also added that the man was Black and wore a mohawk.

After being called on their crap they confessed. The story goes that Jacobs had just returned from the hospital after nearly being electrocuted while changing a light bulb. Deputies say that  Jacobs told them that after the couple had been arguing about drugs, MacCornack tried to leave the house naked and he dragged her inside.

After further arguing, MacCornack stabbed Jacobs in the stomach, deputies said. MacCornack told deputies she was hugging Jacobs because he was threating to hurt himself.

Deputies say that  MacCornack had been punched in the face and had bruises along her legs and arms. Being that the incident was a domestic dispute, both people were taken in without questioning.


Okay, yet again another story of domestic violence from these meth heads out there. You know I have to say, for 28, she looks damn near good for a person on crack.  cackles JK, She is beyond ugly. And for him to even be 27 and looking like that is sad, he looks like he’s about 40. This woman looks as if she has no age at all! You see that they aren’t all put together and that is sad for them but I’m over her laughing. It’s clear that they both have issues with their hands, why to be around one another if you know that you are going to hurt each other. Oh right, you both do drugs together. YOU’RE METH BUDDIES!!!


Cobb County Police Officer “We only Kill Black People” Has been TERMINATED


The White police officer who told a woman “We only kill Black People”, Lieutenant Greg Abbot will be fired! This was verified by his police chief on Thursday. And if you missed that Post CLICK HERE and you can access the video after the break.  Continue reading

Atlanta Cop in trouble after admitting “WE ONLY KILL BLACK PEOPLE!”

A Cobb County Police is actually in hot water after openly admitting “We only kill Black People”. The cop can be heard saying this to an alleged drunk motorist who was in fear for his life. This video is from July 2016 and the video was recently released for the public to see. The man has been on paid administrative leave since then. The officer can be heard saying “But you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people.” Continue reading

Supporters Rally To Get Colin Kaepernick a job

This is good that people are actually standing up to this shit. Give that man his job back, Like that man has freedom of speech. This man has put his job in jeopardy, and watched it fly away just for taking a kneel during the national anthem, an anthem that speaks indirectly in support of racism in the United States.

NyPost: Colin Kaepernick may still be out a job — but there’s plenty of people who are on his team.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside NFL Headquarters on Wednesday to voice their outrage over the quarterback not being signed ahead of the 2017 Continue reading