Ex-Cop sentenced to 20-years for the killing of Unarmed Black Man

Via NPR:

Michael Slager, the white former police officer who was filmed killing an unarmed black man in North Charleston, S.C., has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. In sentencing Slager, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to a federal civil rights violation, the judge ruled Thursday that he committed second-degree murder and obstruction of justice. Continue reading

Rabbi is traumatized after cops pull him over and forces him to the ground.

He was pulled over for speeding.

A New York rabbi is left traumatized after he was pulled over by the cops and pummelled to the ground on a remote Vermont Interstate. He was suspected of speeding and was forced to the ground at gunpoint along with his wife and two sons.


Yehuda Fink, the son of Rabbi Berl Fink, said Monday that his parents and teenage brother and sister thought they were targets of a terrorist attack during the late-night August 8 stop.
‘We’re talking about normal people. What in the world are you doing to them? It’s out of hand. This shouldn’t have happened in any state in the United States of America,’ Yehuda, 29, said.

Rabbi Berl Fink, of Brooklyn,New York, was cited for attempting to elude police after traveling more than four miles before pulling over. Fink says that he did not know that he was being pulled over, but when he did realize this, he tried to find a safe spot to do so and ended up at the spot where the rest of the situation took place.

After the car pulled over, police dashboard video shows, the trooper shouted from his cruiser for driver Rabbi Berl Fink to get out and walk backward with his hands up.
Vermont State Trooper Justin, who was holding a gun, ordered him to lie on the ground.
Thompson decided to initiate a ‘high-risk motor vehicle stop’ because he was in a rural area late at night with no immediate backup nearby, the vehicle had failed to stop, the occupants’ actions were suspicious and the vehicle had been speeding, according to the investigation said.
In such a stop, officers are trained to order the driver and passengers out of the vehicle and to have their guns drawn
During the stop, another of the Rabbi’s son, Rabbi Eli Fink tried to get out of the vehicle, but Thompson ordered him to stay inside.

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NFL Team Owners Blast TRUMP!

Right now across the nation, Football Players are taking knees during the national anthem playing to protest police brutality against unarmed African Americans. This current issue is something that Donald Trump speaks out against, more often than the opioid plague that is ripping what used to be the majority. After Trump’s recent attack on NFL Players Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry, the internet and their family members came in support of the men. Now a higher power over these men’s heads are speaking up and those were the team owners.

A slew of NFL team owners — including several million-dollar donors to President Trump — blasted the commander-in-chief Sunday for bashing their players’ anti-racism protests.

The owners’ defiance was surprisingly led by New England Patriots boss Robert Kraft, typically a Trump loyalist, who said he couldn’t stand by while the president labeled any player who kneels during the national anthem a “son of a bitch.” Continue reading

Minnesota Prosecutor considers charges for Justine Ruszczyk shooting. All/Blue Lives Where are you?


Minnesota state probes into the shooting death of Justine Ruszcyk who was killed by a cop who had “Feared for his life”. Minnesota  Prosecutors will now determine whether they want to bring charges against officer Muhammed Noor.

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Ohio Cop Shoots News Photographer After mistaking his tripod for GUN!

A news organization in Ohio says that one of their photographers were shot after a routine traffic stop because one of the officers mistaked his camera and tripod for a gun! The New Carlisle News reporter Andy Grimm had left the office Monday to photograph the lightening that was in the sky that night. He then saw a Clarke County sheriff deputy performing a traffic stop.

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Cobb County Police Officer “We only Kill Black People” Has been TERMINATED


The White police officer who told a woman “We only kill Black People”, Lieutenant Greg Abbot will be fired! This was verified by his police chief on Thursday. And if you missed that Post CLICK HERE and you can access the video after the break.  Continue reading

White Nationalist cries on camera after finding that he has a warrant for HIS ARREST!

Now, a grown man crying is never a pretty sight. It’s either sad or DISGUSTING. Well, seeing a RACIST WHITE man cry is funny as hell. I’m laughing an rolling.

Christopher Columbus  here was one of the ones in the midst in the Charlottesville Riots. Christopher here says that he called the Charlottesville Police Department to find out whether he had a warrant out for his arrest, as he has heard. The police department told him that they couldn’t confirm it, but he should call a magistrate. Continue reading

16 year old Aries Clark shot to death by cops


A 16-year-old black teen in Arkansas was fatally shot by a cop while outside a youth treatment center.

Aries Clark was at East Arkansas Youth Services on Tuesday ― an emergency shelter for youths that his parents had sent him to for behavioral issues ― when the shooting occurred. Continue reading

RACIAL PROFILING | Florida “First Black State Attorney” Violated no laws when she was pulled over.

I had first seen this video on Instagram and had some shit to say, because of the fact that  they pulled this woman over for no reason. These guys (cops) couldn’t even explain the reasoning for pulling her over.

Aramis Ayala- Florida State Attorney


Via Huff Post (Black Voices):

The video, which was recorded on the officer’s body camera on June 19, has been shared widely on social media, with users pointing to it as yet another example of racial bias in policing. It shows Ayala, who was returning from teaching a class at Florida A&M University College of Law, in her car and speaking to at least two cops ― who approached the vehicle from both sides. Continue reading