RAPEGATE| A full list of all of Hollywood’s sexual predators + MY TAKE ON ALL OF THIS!

This list, here is a long list of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators. I know, I’d assume the whole damn town would be on this, considering the fact that majority of them get on the stage by having sex with big names and other but, let’s go down this list.

James Toback – Multiple women have accused him of luring them into hotel rooms, trailers, and other places for interviews and auditions. The meetings would quickly turn sexual in nature. Toback denies the claims and says his diabetes and heart condition make it impossible for him to take part in that kind of behavior.

Knight Landesman – The Artforum publisher and a power broker has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women. They have filed a joint lawsuit against him, and he has since resigned from Artforum. Continue reading

Atlanta Cop in trouble after admitting “WE ONLY KILL BLACK PEOPLE!”

A Cobb County Police is actually in hot water after openly admitting “We only kill Black People”. The cop can be heard saying this to an alleged drunk motorist who was in fear for his life. This video is from July 2016 and the video was recently released for the public to see. The man has been on paid administrative leave since then. The officer can be heard saying “But you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people.” Continue reading

Cosby Accuser caught smuggling heroin into the country.

Aint it kinda funny how this chick just can’t stay out of the news, first it was from being raped and now it’s about her smuggling heroine into the United States.

One of Bill Cosby’s accusers by the name of Chloe Goins was arrested after authorities searched her car in the parking lot of George F. Bailey Detention Center in San Diego  at 10:45 pm. Continue reading

YOUNG AND THE RUSTLESS | Kenya Moore Reportedly Fired From RHOA and Guess who is going to replace her?

So we remember Kenya Moore had recently gotten married and it looks like everything was going good is until UH OH NOW! Now it’s alleged that the producers of  Real Housewives Of Atlanta are currently angry about the fact that Kenya had gotten married and didn’t tell anyone anything.

But you know what guess who is going to replace MS. MOORE.

Via Kellie Brew:

That’s right, it has been confirmed that supermodel Eva Marcille is currently filming scenes with returning Housewife veteran ( and walking one-liner), Nene Leakes. Yes, lovingly referred to as, “Eva the Diva,” we first fell in love with Marcille on the third cycle of Continue reading

OPINION| Straighforward Vs. Being an Asshole

I have to honestly state the truth and not sugar coat it and this is why I get no sympathy most times from most people because they think that being forthright is just being an asshole when in fact I would be much more of an asshole if I was to sit  back and be passive aggressive and allow myself to suffer or allow others to suffer or to make slick comments. My main reasoning for being forthright is just to speak up and say what I have to say and be up front. Continue reading

SO SWEET| Remy Ma to start fund for mothers who can’t conceive children.

Rapper Remy Ma is  using her celebrity platform for good, planning to start a charity for women who is having troubles conceiving children.

In a video recently the rapper served up a passionate message to women who are having issues conceiving children due to health complications, Remy, 37, felt the need to do so because the cause hits close to home when she found out she was pregnant but only to find out later it was an ectopic pregnancy. Continue reading

Family Sues to stop Dead Beat Son from cutting off mom’s life support.

We hear about dead beat dads most times but here is one that we never really hear of often. A “dead beat son”, who  is so cruel that he wants to cut off his mother’s life support and other resources to end her life, just so he could spend her money. I’m looking at this shit like where the fuck is the compassion and the love?

Leonie LaMont

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