Facebook Child porn video investigation.

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Germaine Moore

This guy needs to be pushing daisies.

Meet Germaine Moore, the sick, disgusting and no-good bastard of the latest Facebook viral video.

This was Alabama’s biggest arrests of a suspected child predator take into custody by investigators in Elmore County, Alabama after a wide spread video of Moore performing sex acts on a 6-year-old child was put out.

Elmore County District Attorney Randall Houston said Moore is on a video which went viral on social media with a 6-year-old girl appearing to perform a sex act on him.

“These are the kind of cases where a 6-year-old child is being forced to engage in sexual activity that gives all of us parents nightmares,” said Houston.

Houston says it is a multi-state investigation that takes place in between Albama and Michigan, where Moore used to live, and where three other victims of Germaine Moore have also came to surface.

Moore’s wife and mother of the child in the video Tanya  Hardy Moore hid the whereabouts of  Moore, where she made a court appearance on Tuesday after being arrested and charged with hindering prosecution.

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Tanya Hardy Moore

“They were always inside, even the eight to ten cars, they didn’t come and go often,” said Shirley R. Harris, who lives across the street from Moore.

Moore was charged with several counts of criminal sexual conduct. Investigators believe there are other victims.

“I hope they all come forward so all the charges are counted to justice will be taken care of,” said Harris.

District Attorney Houston warned anyone who may have received the widely distributed video on social media to delete it because possessing it in itself is a crime.

And yet there are still people asking to receive the video, just so they can see it. smh


Hawaii Ballistic Missile Threat!

People in Hawaii are up in a panic after they were sent a ballistic missile threat alert instructing people to seek shelter.

Now, it’s time to laugh because authorities alerted everyone that the alert was sent out of an error.


Tampa Police finds their serial killer.

Tampa Police has finally found the person suspected of murdering four in Tampa.

Police said Tuesday night that they have plans to charge the man who was detained with a gun at a McDonald’s with four counts of first-degree murder in connection with a series of shootings that authorities believed to be the work of a serial killer.
Acting on a tip, detectives recovered a gun and found the murder suspect, identified as Howell Emmanuel Donaldson III, 24, at the local McDonald’s restaurant in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood.

“Tonight is the beginning of when justice will be served, and then the process will occur when this individual rots in hell,” Tampa’s Mayor Bob Buckhorn said during a Tuesday night press conference.
Police believe that the incident is connected to the recent murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood, although they haven’t said why. Continue reading

TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE | U.N. releases footage of Kim’s Regime firing into the South at man running away.

Via Daily Mail:

The United Nations Command (UNC) in South Korea released the video as Kim Jong-un’s regime was accused of violating an armistice agreement put in place in 1953 following the Korean War, by shooting across the border as well as actually crossing the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).
The soldier, whose rank and identity have not been disclosed, was flown by a US military helicopter to a hospital after his escape south in a hail of bullets fired by the North on November 13.
The video, which is divided into five sections, takes place over just a matter of minutes. Continue reading

LiAngelo Ball and 2 other accomplices will not return to United States after shoplifting in CHINA!

Lonzo Ball’s brother, LiAngelo Ball, and two other UCLA basketball players are to remain on house arrest at a Hangzhou, China hotel. The rest of the UCLA Bruins will return to the U.S. after defeating Georgia Tech 63-60 in the season opener in Shanghai on Saturday.

LiAngelo, 18, Cody Riley, 19, and Jalen Hill, 17, will not return to the United States when the team departs China on Saturday.

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Snake in the grass | Woman accused of embezzling $20,000 from a church!

Here is another reason many others have given up on churches as well. There is always that treasurer or some thief that is in charge of the money.  They are wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Winston-Salem police reported to media outlets that 48-year-old Barrett Isley Kenan was arrested Friday and charged with 50 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Arrest warrants say Kenan took $20,073 from Hope Presbyterian Church since 2013. Authorities she used the church’s debit card to pay bills and buy items at Total Wine. Continue reading

TRUE OR NAH?| Mariah Carey’s Security Guard claims Sexual Assault.

is it true or not? Where is the receipts man…where they at?

From TMZ
Mariah Carey’s former security company has threatened to sue her … and the guy who owns the company says she constantly humiliated him by referring to him as a Nazi, a skinhead, a KKK member and a white supremacist. Continue reading

Grindr Employee claims HR Supervisor drugged and raped him.


An employee at the Gay Social Media Network Grindr, home to 2 million users, claims that he was drugged and raped by one of the Human Resource managers.

The victim makes the claim that Daniel Cabenero had drugged him before placing him in the car and sexually assaulted him after a Christmas Party in 2016.

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Plastic Surgery Lover Natasha Gowns weird hilarious BUTT!

If you want a butt, but don’t have the genetics just get your ass up and go work on that shit.

Like lets be authentic for a moment your ASS TO LEG RATIO WILL TELL IT ALL.  Butts don’t make that weird as dropped curve inward like this woman’s ass that looks like she pulled some beef out of a local grocery store and taped it on her ass before she put on those big ass pants.

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