California Landslide adds 13 acres to shoreline.

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The Big Sur landslide has gotten even bigger than before because of the May 20th landslide.

How big was this landslide you may ask? Well,  as seen below, the landslide was so powerful that it added 13 acres to the California shoreline.

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Before the landslide and After the landslide

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Hurricane Maria knocks out power in Puerto Rico | They could be out for MONTHS!!!

The people down in Puerto Rico are having a pretty hard time, they had just been hit by category 5  Hurricane Irma and now is being hit by Hurricane Maria.

SAN JUAN, P.R. — Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico with a one-two punch of high winds and driving rain before beginning its deliberate march toward the Dominican Republic late on Wednesday as a weakened Category 2 storm. Continue reading

Arkema plant exploded in Houston and Evacuation needed!

Whether this storm is man made or not, this is just a crazy thing to happen down in Houston and it went from bad to worse in just a few days.

It was being reported that a pair of explosions was heard coming from an area in the city of Houston and then black smoke could be seen on the rise in the air during the day time. Arkema Inc, which runs the plant says that they were notified of the explosions by Harris County Emergency Operations earlier this morning (2 a.m. to be exact). Harris County Deputies announced that one of their officers had to be taken to the hospital after he inhaled some of those fumes that came from the plant. Continue reading


Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented rainfall is now swallowing Houston, Texas whole. The National Weather Service has stated that the effect of the hurricane is ”catastrophic’. It is also predicted that the Hurricane is only going to get worse over time.

NWS officials doubled down in interviews with HuffPost, telling them that the storm is only going to bring dozens of more inches of rain to the area and that the heavy flooding will plague the area for weeks.  Continue reading