United Nations investigation of Libyan Slave Trade

A man holds a placard reading “No to slavery in Libya” during a march against “slavery in Libya” on November 18, 2017 in Paris. 

Slavery has been so-called outlawed here in America since 1865. Some places it was quite early and some places not so. But boy over in Africa, the nation of Libya is finally being investigated for its slave trade and the putrid smell of reality is finally settling amongst all of us worldwide.

According to CNN, After obtaining footage of a human auction in Libya, a CNN team traveled to that country in October to investigate. It witnessed a dozen men sold at an auction outside of the capital, Tripoli — some for as little as $400. CNN also was told of auctions taking place at nine locations in the country. Continue reading

TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE | U.N. releases footage of Kim’s Regime firing into the South at man running away.

Via Daily Mail:

The United Nations Command (UNC) in South Korea released the video as Kim Jong-un’s regime was accused of violating an armistice agreement put in place in 1953 following the Korean War, by shooting across the border as well as actually crossing the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).
The soldier, whose rank and identity have not been disclosed, was flown by a US military helicopter to a hospital after his escape south in a hail of bullets fired by the North on November 13.
The video, which is divided into five sections, takes place over just a matter of minutes. Continue reading

Villain or Hero?| Mugabe Resigns from Zimbabwe 37 year reign as citizens celebrate.

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This man held power in Zimbabwe for 37-years. He held the land-locked country down and was quoted saying “ONLY GOD CAN REMOVE ME.” He then finally submitted a letter of resignation.

Mugabe’s former ally and now rival vice president Emmerson Mngawgwa, is expected to return from South Africa and is said to be appointed as the new president of the nation of Zimbabwe.

His (Mugabe) resignation came as a shock and in a letter addressed by the speaker of parliament. Continue reading

Hurricane Maria knocks out power in Puerto Rico | They could be out for MONTHS!!!

The people down in Puerto Rico are having a pretty hard time, they had just been hit by category 5  Hurricane Irma and now is being hit by Hurricane Maria.

SAN JUAN, P.R. — Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico with a one-two punch of high winds and driving rain before beginning its deliberate march toward the Dominican Republic late on Wednesday as a weakened Category 2 storm. Continue reading