Ex-Cop sentenced to 20-years for the killing of Unarmed Black Man

Via NPR:

Michael Slager, the white former police officer who was filmed killing an unarmed black man in North Charleston, S.C., has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. In sentencing Slager, who pleaded guilty earlier this year to a federal civil rights violation, the judge ruled Thursday that he committed second-degree murder and obstruction of justice. Continue reading


Ding Dong The Bitch is dead

The monster, the murderer and the wicked B***h who was responsible for The LoBiancas and those of the Tate-Polanski house is officially dead after living a full 83-years.

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According to TMZ, Debra Tate says that she received a call from the prison telling her Manson died 8:13 PM Sunday.
We’re told the prison is contacting all of the victims’ families.
Manson died of natural causes, according to prison officials.
Manson was recently wheeled into Bakersfield hospital and escorted by 5 uniformed cops. Our sources had said at the time, “It’s just a matter of time.” He was covered in blankets and looked ashen in the gurney. Continue reading

Charges dropped against 7 accused of pulling down statue in Durham

In the riots that took place this year in multiple cities across the United States, there were many people pulling down statues of old confederate “so-called” heroes. One city that these actions took place in was Durham, North Carolina where several people grabbed a ladder and climbed atop one of the statues in Durham and toppled it over.

There were plans to give these people felony charges but according to the attorney who is standing for the seven, those felony charges have been dropped, but the misdemeanor charges will still remain. Continue reading

RACE FACTOR| Colorado Man Kills three People, and this didn’t make news despite his hatred for HISPANIC PEOPLE.

You probably haven’t heard of the latest mass shooting and the reason you probably didn’t hear about it is because race matters. See the mainstream (MASSA’S MEDIA) doesn’t want you to know this because this was yet another white male who went inside a place and began shooting random people. This is A TERRORIST.

Scott Ostreem (pictured above) walked into a Walmart north of Denver, Colorado and opened fire on the people on  NOVEMBER 1ST. Eyewitnesses described, Oostreem as NONCHALANTLY shooting everyone in his radius.

Police says that they found Ostrem a day later, alive and took him into custody. They couldn’t find one motive for the shooting other than to say it was related to domestic terrorism. Continue reading


What I have found is that on November 4, 2017, that Antifa is planning to overthrow the Trump government, but it doesn’t end there…..THE MEDIA HAS GOT HIS PESKY LITTLE FINGERS IN ON IT AS WELL.

The left-wing anti-fascist group has taken out a full page on the New York Times Newspaper at the staggering cost of $150,000.00 and in the post they are calling for uprisings in big cities.

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In the full page article down below Antifa says: Continue reading

NFL Owners and Players meet with Colin Kaepernick to discuss race issues.

I’m assuming this is good news for Colin Kaepernick. He was invited back to the NFL to meet with team players and owners to discuss a hot topic that we know is a big issue in America RACISM.

Kaepernick’s lawyer says that no one reached out to him, inviting him to the meeting.  Continue reading

Don Lemon receives racist death threats after asking President Trump to “Leave LaDavid Johnson’s Wife alone.”


Don Lemon is now receiving death threats from a white nationalist Trump Supporter who targeted the CNN Anchor on Twitter.

Lemon reported the threats to the NYPD on Wednesday, according to TMZ.
He received a number of messages on Twitter saying

‘F*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck’ and ‘U r a pile of rotting Dogs*,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron ahole, i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon…’
The report was made for aggravated harassment but NYPD sources say it is likely to be looked at as a hate crime.
The person behind the account where the alleged threats came from is a self-proclaimed white nationalist conservative who is ‘pro gun, anti Islam, anti terrorist anti leftist’. Continue reading

Ben Stein | There is no institutional racism in America today!


STEIN: These guys are a bunch of sulking big babies. They don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s no institutional racism in America at all anymore. If they want to do their free speech thing, God bless them. Let them do their free speech thing. But let’s ignore them from then on. Let’s just ignore them like their bad babies and we don’t want to hear them crying off in the corner… Yes, there’s racism in every human being’s heart. There’s no institutional racism in America anymore. It’s gone.

For him to sit here and say that is like me saying Lions aren’t Ferocious. Since this man wants to delude himself into thinking that institutional racism doesn’t exist in America let me lay down 5 examples.

  1. Black people are 12 times more likely to be convicted of drug crimes considering the knowledge that the opioid crisis is an issue and it isn’t heavily affecting the Black Population like the Crack Epidemic didn’t really touch the white population during the 80’s. (Which is still seen as a coincidence to some ignorant baffoons.)
  2. 58% of America’s prisons are filled with Black and Hispanic population, even though they only make up one-quarter of the United States Population. (You can find this from the NAACP’s Crime Stat Sheet and you can also find this information in the Netflix Documentary “13th”.)
  3. 13% of all Black men are denied the rights to voting. (Click Here to see that)
  4. Schools today are more segregated than ever before the only difference is, the staff is even more bothered by the smallest things about that Black Child’s hair. (METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING AND CLICK HERE FOR THAT)
  5. 2013’s unemployment rate for black college students were twice as high as the overall unemployment rate for college students. (Click Here)

And if you go through this website you will find where I posted numerous times about INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. What I want people to realize is that just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

That would be like me saying NO ONE GETS RAPED! being ignorant to the fact that there are millions of rape survivors around the world.

Oklahoma Cop Kills daughter’s Black Bi-Racial Boyfriend. After 3 Trials he gets fifteen years.

A white former Oklahoma police officer has finally been convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend.
Ex-Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler has now been sentenced to 15 years in prison after jurors deliberated 6+ hours and reached a verdict for a lesser charge late Wednesday in his first-degree murder trial.
Kepler was an off-duty 24-year-police veteran at the time when he shot 19-year-old Jeremey Lake who was walking with his daughter Lisa Kepler on August 5, 2014.
His attorneys have previously said he was trying to protect his daughter, while Kepler claimed he fired in self-defense because Lake was armed with a semi-automatic weapon. (Yeah right )
Police didn’t find any weapon on Lake or at the scene. According to THE DAILY MAIL,Lisa Kepler was 18 years old when she met Lake while he was volunteering at a homeless shelter where she was staying.
She told the court her parents dropped her off at the shelter in July 2014 after she had been sneaking out at night and acting out.
After a few weeks, Lake offered her a place to stay at the home he shared with his aunt, she testified.
She said on the day of the shooting, she and Lake were passing out water bottles to the homeless before walking back to his aunt’s home.
She testified that she noticed her father’s SUV parked out front and that he started asking her questions.


She said her father asked what she was doing in the neighborhood, but she couldn’t remember how she responded, she testified.

Kepler said he was trying to protect his daughter because she was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood.
Lake’s aunt said her nephew was reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself when Kepler fired his weapon.’

Jurors in the previous three trials had deadlocked 11-1, 10-2 and 6-6, forcing the judge to declare mistrials. Although they couldn’t agree on the murder charge, jurors in the first trial convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm.

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Foreign or Domestic, Young or Old, Male or Female, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….You are likely playing with fire and it’s a fire that you can’t put out. This was another teenager who died at the hands of a White Woman, who didn’t even have to scream rape. These two were dating and that father felt threatened by what? There was clearly no weapon on the scene. This man was more than likely only threatened by another “unsaid weapon” but this also goes to show these Mixed, Bi-Racial people who tend to be in denial about racism that it is still live and open today and it isn’t far removed from happening to you, and Unfortunately, this young man’s life was snuffed out because of it.

Minnesota man arrested after record breaking 28th DUI

This man has 28 DUI’s stretching all the way back to the 1980’s all while there are people being put in prisons for first time offenses.

Danny Lee Bettcher (pictured above) has 28 DUI charges.

Via Daily Mail: A 64-year-old Minnesota man has been arrested for a record-breaking 28th DUI.
Danny Lee Bettcher was charged in Otter Tail County District Court last week with felony-level drunken driving and refusing a breathalyzer test. Continue reading