Quincy Jones spills the beans: Richard Pryor’s Bisexuality to Michael Jackson not having Vitiligo.

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Right now what’s hot at the moment is Quincy Jones spilling the beans on what is really going on with some of your favorite stars.

In Vulture Magazine Quincy Jones openly admitted that Richard Pryor had sex with former Hollywood Sex Symbol Marlon Brando back in the 70’s.

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Comedian Richard Pryor (left), Actor Marlon Brando (Right)

While others were shocked, Jennifer Lee, Pryor’s wife wasn’t because she openly admitted that she had known about the situation.

Jennifer tells TMZ, Richard would have no shame in his game about Quincy’s comments. She says her late husband was always very open about his bisexuality with friends.

“It was the ’70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning,” she told TMZ.

Not only that, it was confirmed through both that Pryor was overly-promiscuous and would sleep with almost anybody he set eyes out for at drug-fueled sex parties.

Another shocker that came about was the mentioning of the late Marvin Gaye, having slept with Brando as well.

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Colorado Springs Minister impregnated 14-year-old church girl.


A 22-year-old Colorado Springs man who worked at a church impregnated a 14-year old girl and is now behind bars.

Romello Leach, 22, was arrested a day before Thanksgiving after a months-long investigation that sprung into action after someone came forward and confessed to what the man did. According to Arrest papers, the victim was an employee at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, where the young teen was taken after her mother noticed she had “a larger belly.” Continue reading


Ding Dong The Bitch is dead

The monster, the murderer and the wicked B***h who was responsible for The LoBiancas and those of the Tate-Polanski house is officially dead after living a full 83-years.

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According to TMZ, Debra Tate says that she received a call from the prison telling her Manson died 8:13 PM Sunday.
We’re told the prison is contacting all of the victims’ families.
Manson died of natural causes, according to prison officials.
Manson was recently wheeled into Bakersfield hospital and escorted by 5 uniformed cops. Our sources had said at the time, “It’s just a matter of time.” He was covered in blankets and looked ashen in the gurney. Continue reading

COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP| Jennifer Hudson and David SPLIT!

Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé David Otunga have split after what is close to 10 years — and Jennifer has put out a restraining order — but David’s attorney says it’s only because Hudson’s afraid to lose their kid.

Via TMZ: Otunga’s attorney, Tracy Rizzo, tells us, “David Otunga has been trying to negotiate the terms of an amicable parenting agreement with Ms. Hudson for several weeks now. However, when it became apparent to Ms. Hudson that Mr. Otunga would be the parent Continue reading

LiAngelo Ball and 2 other accomplices will not return to United States after shoplifting in CHINA!

Lonzo Ball’s brother, LiAngelo Ball, and two other UCLA basketball players are to remain on house arrest at a Hangzhou, China hotel. The rest of the UCLA Bruins will return to the U.S. after defeating Georgia Tech 63-60 in the season opener in Shanghai on Saturday.

LiAngelo, 18, Cody Riley, 19, and Jalen Hill, 17, will not return to the United States when the team departs China on Saturday.

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GUILTY : Jelani Maraj is found Guilty in Child Molestation Case

A Long Island jury has finally convicted rapper Nicki Minaj’s older brother, Jelani Maraj, of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter in his Baldwin, NY  home in 2015.

After a long trial, that took over a month, the panel of four women and eight men deliberated for less than 2 days before delivering their verdict on the afternoon of Thursday.

An alternate juror who was relieved of service on Wednesday said he would have acquitted Maraj due to lack of evidence. Continue reading

Trump will finally declare national state of emergency on Opioid Crisis

Cheeto doesn’t want to jail them or help them at all.

Donald Trump will officially declare on Thursday a national health emergency for those affected by the opioid crisis. According to senior administration officials, addressing a scourge killing tens of thousands of people nationwide.

Under Trump’s direction, the secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services will declare a 90-day national public health emergency, subject to regular renewal. The declaration “gives us power to do things that you can’t do right now,” said Trump on Wednesday, in remarks made outside the White House.

Public health officials are hoping the announcement, promised by Trump since August, will shift federal funding for local addiction recovery and overdose prevention efforts to hard hit places. However, the federal fund for public health emergencies is empty, meaning new money will have to be added in federal budget negotiations this year to start new programs. The administration has previously supported calls for an extra $15 to $45 billion in federal funding to address the overdose crisis in failed health care bill negotiations earlier this year.

“With an emergency declaration, the Trump administration has an opportunity to chart a new course on the overdose crisis and reset its approach to drug policy,” Grant Smith of the Drug Policy Alliance wrote Wednesday, calling for a shift from relying on law enforcement toward medical treatment of addiction. “Anything short of this will needlessly cost many more lives.”

The president informally declared the crisis an emergency on Aug. 10 and will do it again Thursday (Today).

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Never a situation of lock em up and throw away the key like they did during the crack epidemic, hmmm I wonder why?

Don Lemon receives racist death threats after asking President Trump to “Leave LaDavid Johnson’s Wife alone.”


Don Lemon is now receiving death threats from a white nationalist Trump Supporter who targeted the CNN Anchor on Twitter.

Lemon reported the threats to the NYPD on Wednesday, according to TMZ.
He received a number of messages on Twitter saying

‘F*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck’ and ‘U r a pile of rotting Dogs*,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron ahole, i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon…’
The report was made for aggravated harassment but NYPD sources say it is likely to be looked at as a hate crime.
The person behind the account where the alleged threats came from is a self-proclaimed white nationalist conservative who is ‘pro gun, anti Islam, anti terrorist anti leftist’. Continue reading

‘Glee’ star pleads guilty to child pornography!

Glee star Mark Stalling was arrested back in 2015 and now has pleaded guilty two years later of child pornography involving a prepubescent minor.

Upon entrance, police found a cache of explicit images on his computer depicting children as young as 10 in sexual situations. They later discovered more than 50,000 photos and videos on his laptop and another 4,000 on a flash drive Continue reading