17 Killed in Mass Shooting in a Florida High School because killer didn’t have a Valentines.

This photo provided by the Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff's

Meet Nikolas Cruz, 19, who shot and killed 17 people at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

At least 17 people were killed and 14 people were injured at the high school in Parkland, Florida, including a beloved coach who stepped in front of his students and took a spray of bullets. Five out of the Fourteen who were taken to the hospital passed away while in the local Emergency Room.

About the Killer

At least one teacher had flagged Cruz as a potential threat and had voiced this numerous times,after voicing this Cruz was suspended from the campus by the administrators.

Jim Gard, a math teacher, says that Cruz had been known for being aggressive towards fellow class mates. A classmate named Jillian Davis says that Cruz had a hot temperature and had a history of making a lot of dark, gun-related jokes. Continue reading

WOW| Chinese “roof topper” films his own fall to death.

In my time blogging, I’ve often asked myself  why do people do the things they do? Even when they are things that put them in risky situations that could possibly kill them. Most times these things are out of amusement and passion like this guy here.

Wu Yongning, 26, was doing workouts at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, the capital of Huan Province, when he lost his grip and fell to his instant death.

The footage you are about to see was recorded by Wu Yongning and is very graphic. Continue reading

Ben Stein | There is no institutional racism in America today!


STEIN: These guys are a bunch of sulking big babies. They don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s no institutional racism in America at all anymore. If they want to do their free speech thing, God bless them. Let them do their free speech thing. But let’s ignore them from then on. Let’s just ignore them like their bad babies and we don’t want to hear them crying off in the corner… Yes, there’s racism in every human being’s heart. There’s no institutional racism in America anymore. It’s gone.

For him to sit here and say that is like me saying Lions aren’t Ferocious. Since this man wants to delude himself into thinking that institutional racism doesn’t exist in America let me lay down 5 examples.

  1. Black people are 12 times more likely to be convicted of drug crimes considering the knowledge that the opioid crisis is an issue and it isn’t heavily affecting the Black Population like the Crack Epidemic didn’t really touch the white population during the 80’s. (Which is still seen as a coincidence to some ignorant baffoons.)
  2. 58% of America’s prisons are filled with Black and Hispanic population, even though they only make up one-quarter of the United States Population. (You can find this from the NAACP’s Crime Stat Sheet and you can also find this information in the Netflix Documentary “13th”.)
  3. 13% of all Black men are denied the rights to voting. (Click Here to see that)
  4. Schools today are more segregated than ever before the only difference is, the staff is even more bothered by the smallest things about that Black Child’s hair. (METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING AND CLICK HERE FOR THAT)
  5. 2013’s unemployment rate for black college students were twice as high as the overall unemployment rate for college students. (Click Here)

And if you go through this website you will find where I posted numerous times about INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. What I want people to realize is that just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

That would be like me saying NO ONE GETS RAPED! being ignorant to the fact that there are millions of rape survivors around the world.

Gabrielle Union Opens Up about Sexual Assault.

What I have known and what others may not know is that the actress Gabrielle Union is a survivor of sexual assault. She like many others decided to take that horrific experience and share her story and to talk to other men and women who have been through similar experiences.

Union,44, went on Good Morning America and voiced her opinion while Hollywood is currently under scrutiny due to the recent Harvey Weinstein Scandal.   Continue reading

PEDO | Middle School Teacher arrested for having sex with students.

Look, Y’all I’ve been saying this for the longest. These teachers are getting out of hand and they need to start locking these people up and throwing them straight into the jails, matter of fact UNDER THE JAILS. Especially these females, people underestimate the ability of women in this area as well.


Via NYP: A former middle school gym teacher in Georgia was arrested for the second time this year for having sex with a student.

Shawnetta D. Reece, 40, was taken into custody Thursday for engaging in sexual conduct with a high school senior in 2015, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The student was 18 years old at the time of the alleged relationship. Continue reading

Minnesota Prosecutor considers charges for Justine Ruszczyk shooting. All/Blue Lives Where are you?


Minnesota state probes into the shooting death of Justine Ruszcyk who was killed by a cop who had “Feared for his life”. Minnesota  Prosecutors will now determine whether they want to bring charges against officer Muhammed Noor.

Continue reading

Sanderson High School Student Arrested after making threats of mass shooting of school.

Ryan Coves

RALEIGH (WTVD) –A Sanderson High School student was arrested Thursday in connection with a social media threat.

Around 10 a.m., Raleigh police arrested 16-year-old Ryan Koves on school grounds and charged him with making a false report of mass violence on education property – a felony charge.

Koves’ arrest came one week after a Garner High School student was arrested on the same charge. Continue reading

MURDER | Pregnant 16-year-old found stuffed in suitcase.

His mother didn’t want her to be the mother of his child, and neither did he!

Image result for Marlon Martinez Emely Peguero

Marlon Martinez (Left), Emely Pugero (Right) Boy kills the girl because he didn’t want her having his baby.

The body of 16-year-old Emely Peguero was found stuffed in a suitcase in the city of LaGuama. It is said that Pugero was five months pregnant at the time of her murder and after she went to a doctor’s appointment with her boyfriend she had never returned.  Continue reading

Raleigh man says he awoke FROM DREAM to find wife stabbed to death!

So this guy was so-called sleeping and was having a dream that he killed his wife. He woke up to find his wife covered in blood with stab wounds. Now I’m not sure if the whole sleeping dream thing is really true but, I can say that this is interesting! Because who knows things could’ve happened a whole different way than he says. Maybe he fabricated the story about the dream I’m not sure but I want you to read it and tell me if it’s believable.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) — The Raleigh Police Department says a woman stabbed just before 1:15 a.m. in the 5200 block of Patuxent Drive has died.

Police have identified her as 29-year-old Lauren Ashley-Nicole Phelps. Continue reading

Cobb County Police Officer “We only Kill Black People” Has been TERMINATED


The White police officer who told a woman “We only kill Black People”, Lieutenant Greg Abbot will be fired! This was verified by his police chief on Thursday. And if you missed that Post CLICK HERE and you can access the video after the break.  Continue reading