Facebook Child porn video investigation.

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Germaine Moore

This guy needs to be pushing daisies.

Meet Germaine Moore, the sick, disgusting and no-good bastard of the latest Facebook viral video.

This was Alabama’s biggest arrests of a suspected child predator take into custody by investigators in Elmore County, Alabama after a wide spread video of Moore performing sex acts on a 6-year-old child was put out.

Elmore County District Attorney Randall Houston said Moore is on a video which went viral on social media with a 6-year-old girl appearing to perform a sex act on him.

“These are the kind of cases where a 6-year-old child is being forced to engage in sexual activity that gives all of us parents nightmares,” said Houston.

Houston says it is a multi-state investigation that takes place in between Albama and Michigan, where Moore used to live, and where three other victims of Germaine Moore have also came to surface.

Moore’s wife and mother of the child in the video Tanya  Hardy Moore hid the whereabouts of  Moore, where she made a court appearance on Tuesday after being arrested and charged with hindering prosecution.

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Tanya Hardy Moore

“They were always inside, even the eight to ten cars, they didn’t come and go often,” said Shirley R. Harris, who lives across the street from Moore.

Moore was charged with several counts of criminal sexual conduct. Investigators believe there are other victims.

“I hope they all come forward so all the charges are counted to justice will be taken care of,” said Harris.

District Attorney Houston warned anyone who may have received the widely distributed video on social media to delete it because possessing it in itself is a crime.

And yet there are still people asking to receive the video, just so they can see it. smh


Colorado Springs Minister impregnated 14-year-old church girl.


A 22-year-old Colorado Springs man who worked at a church impregnated a 14-year old girl and is now behind bars.

Romello Leach, 22, was arrested a day before Thanksgiving after a months-long investigation that sprung into action after someone came forward and confessed to what the man did. According to Arrest papers, the victim was an employee at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, where the young teen was taken after her mother noticed she had “a larger belly.” Continue reading

Rapper 6ix9ine plead guilty to sexual misconduct on child.

Rapper 6ix9ine is rising up to fame, but oh boy! It seems like his aspiring career of being one of the big rappers will have to wait. BECAUSE OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT ON A  CHILD.

According to a report written by Genius, the man behind the hit single “Gummo” has finally pleaded guilty to 3 felony counts of sexual misconduct with a child. Here’s what Genius reported: Continue reading

School is SHUT DOWN after 3-year-old child DIES from dairy allergy.

The family of a 3-year-old child is searching for answers after the child’s life was cut short.

3-year-old Elijah Silvera, died after he ate a grilled cheese sandwich at a pre-K class. Although it was in school documents that Silvera was allergic to dairy products, Silvera still ate the sandwich that lead to his tragic demise.

Silvera went into anaphylactic shock on November 3, 2017 at the Seventh Avenue Center for Family Services in Manhattan, New York and he was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he died. Continue reading

Iowa Mother leaves children at home to go on vacation to Europe.

Word on the street was that she went to go find herself a husband.

An Iowa woman was arrested after she had left her children at home and decided to take a weeks long vacation to Germany to go look for a husband. Erin Lee Macke is charged with child endangerment according to the Johnston County, Iowa  Police Department. Continue reading

“God Makes No Mistakes” | Christian Couple who are arrested after letting daughter die from disease.

“God makes no mistakes,” said a Christian couple who were arrested after allowing their daughter to succumb to jaundice instead of taking her to medical officials.


Joshua and Rachel Piland, parents of the child who met her demise due to parents not getting her any medical treatment.

Joshua and Rachel Piland (Pictured above) were charged after they allowed their daughter to go on with Jaundice. The child Abigail, was born on February 6, 2017. The midwife who had helped bring Abigail along had notified Rachel that Abigail appeared jaundiced, she had been pushing Rachel to take the child to the hospital but the mother declined. Continue reading

PEDO | California Teacher has sex with 15-year-old student at school and now faces six years.

Danielle Matko (Pictured Above)

A 35-year old teacher from California has now been charged after she had been found having sex (RAPING) with a 15-year-old child.

Danielle Matko, a former employee at the East Palo Alto Aspire Phoenix Academy, was convicted on four counts after her arrest in 2015.  Continue reading

Four arrested for abusing 10 year old girl.| She HADN’T SHOWERED IN FOUR WEEKS!

Four people have been arrested for abusing a 10-year-old female child who authorities say was pushed along a dirt road by a rope attached to a car. Amongst the abusers was the girl’s own mother.

Leslieann Raeder, 34, her boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, his sister Brandy, 18, and her boyfriend Shawn Whaely, 23, all have been charged for tormenting the girl since April of 2017.

The girl’s mother’s boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, (left) his sister Brandy Shraver 18, (center), and Brandy’s boyfriend Shawn Whaley, 23, (right), are all charged with assault. Her mother wasn’t pictured! shockingly!!!!

Get more details below…

Continue reading

ARRESTED | Ink Masters Star Chris Blinston chokes his daughter!

A former contestant of the  T.V. Show Ink Masters is behind bars at this time after he allegedly choked his daughter.

Chris Blinston appeared on the 6th season of the Spike T.V. Show “Ink Masters, was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence. He supposedly had been strangling his daughter with both hands and had cut off her airway. He then did it again, cutting off her airway for about four to seven seconds. Continue reading