United Nations investigation of Libyan Slave Trade

A man holds a placard reading “No to slavery in Libya” during a march against “slavery in Libya” on November 18, 2017 in Paris. 

Slavery has been so-called outlawed here in America since 1865. Some places it was quite early and some places not so. But boy over in Africa, the nation of Libya is finally being investigated for its slave trade and the putrid smell of reality is finally settling amongst all of us worldwide.

According to CNN, After obtaining footage of a human auction in Libya, a CNN team traveled to that country in October to investigate. It witnessed a dozen men sold at an auction outside of the capital, Tripoli — some for as little as $400. CNN also was told of auctions taking place at nine locations in the country. Continue reading

Interracial Dreams Shattered| Football Player Reveals his BABY MAMA has been physically and verbally abusive.

Now, isn’t this a slap back to the face. Nothing you would expect right?


Albert Haynesworth, an Ex NFL star who pictured his future with a big house, behind golden gates, pretty light-skinned children and a white wife had his dream-reality shattered when out of nowhere his wife just started going coo-coo for cocoa puffs on his ass. Haynesworth tweeted that his wife had been abusing him and been calling him the N-WORD.

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Four arrested for abusing 10 year old girl.| She HADN’T SHOWERED IN FOUR WEEKS!

Four people have been arrested for abusing a 10-year-old female child who authorities say was pushed along a dirt road by a rope attached to a car. Amongst the abusers was the girl’s own mother.

Leslieann Raeder, 34, her boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, his sister Brandy, 18, and her boyfriend Shawn Whaely, 23, all have been charged for tormenting the girl since April of 2017.

The girl’s mother’s boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, (left) his sister Brandy Shraver 18, (center), and Brandy’s boyfriend Shawn Whaley, 23, (right), are all charged with assault. Her mother wasn’t pictured! shockingly!!!!

Get more details below…

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ARRESTED | Ink Masters Star Chris Blinston chokes his daughter!

A former contestant of the  T.V. Show Ink Masters is behind bars at this time after he allegedly choked his daughter.

Chris Blinston appeared on the 6th season of the Spike T.V. Show “Ink Masters, was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence. He supposedly had been strangling his daughter with both hands and had cut off her airway. He then did it again, cutting off her airway for about four to seven seconds. Continue reading

Former preist arrested for 43 charges of child molestation.

A former Catholic Preist has his charges packed up on top of him. What for? No other than child molestation/pedophilia. The same thing that they are famous for in this blood soaking cult.


David Joseph Perrett was charged with the fresh counts by Armidale detectives and now faces a total of 52 offenses, accused of abusing 16 different children.

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My OPINION | Joel Olsteen Opening church to Harvey victims.

Again why are people shocked about White Christians. They have no remorse for Black people they only want you to pull yourself up by the boot straps and keep on moving.

Via Sandra Rose: Pastor Joel Osteen finally opened the doors of his Houston megachurch after catching heat for closing the $50 million

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19-year-old Brooklyn Dad Arrested For Putting His Baby in Coma because baby’s mom didn’t abort.

There is so much with this story that I just can’t bare.

A Brooklyn man by the name of Shaquan Taylor was arrested for brutally beating his own 18-month-old child into a coma. The young man was well known for going on facebook rants about the mother of his child  Tammy Lewis and had did it prior to the incident.  “I told that lil bi-ch to get an abortion” he stated on social media.  Though he had done that, the mother had decided to put all things aside and let Shaquan see his daughter.  Continue reading