Jehovah Witnesses Knock on the Wrong Door AND GETS TAUGHT A LESSON ABOUT THEIR OWN BIBLE.

I found this video online and I just wanted to share this video with you guys to show you that No one has to join your religion in order to know more about your bible. For the record I am not a member of the fucked up “CONSCIOUS/WOKE” community because in all honesty that’s now become a lot of bull spit, nor am I a member of any religion such as Christianity or The Hebrew Israelite faith, because those religions to me are two of the same things.

The point is Anyone can know your bible and anyone can practice it without practicing YOUR RELIGION so what’s the need to be in a group.

He knocked on the wrong door! laughs

A big contradiction I’ve always found with religions relating to the bible (especially Christians), they are well-known for saying “God is with you everywhere”. Then in that case “What is the need for me to come to your church and why is it the pressure for me to visit your place of worship.

I was once in the mall looking for my sister and this White guy who was dressed sharp walks up to me and says “Excuse me can I have a moment to talk to you about the glory.”At this time I wasn’t a very direct person in public and I really didn’t want to stay, so I said “Go ahead.” I was still looking around him to see if I saw my sister though I had no time. Continue reading

Kendra Wilkinson’s Cotton Picking Moment goes NOT SO WELL! Receiving Backlash!

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It took this photo of Kendra Wilkinson for people to question her personality.

Kendra Wilkinson learned preferably the easier way that when it comes to picking cotton it’s no laughing matter especially considering American History. She went viral this week after she posted an Instagram story stating “Always wanted to pick cotton.”

And that didn’t goooooo sooooo wellll….. yikes HERE ARE SOME REACTIONS Continue reading

RAPEGATE| A full list of all of Hollywood’s sexual predators + MY TAKE ON ALL OF THIS!

This list, here is a long list of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators. I know, I’d assume the whole damn town would be on this, considering the fact that majority of them get on the stage by having sex with big names and other but, let’s go down this list.

James Toback – Multiple women have accused him of luring them into hotel rooms, trailers, and other places for interviews and auditions. The meetings would quickly turn sexual in nature. Toback denies the claims and says his diabetes and heart condition make it impossible for him to take part in that kind of behavior.

Knight Landesman – The Artforum publisher and a power broker has been accused of sexual harassment by nine women. They have filed a joint lawsuit against him, and he has since resigned from Artforum. Continue reading

STRIPPER STRIKE| Dark Skin Pole Workers Protest in NYC

Pole workers are saying that NYC bartenders are stealing dollars out of their thongs, panties and gurdles literally. Theses drink pourers are dressing just like strippers and customers are throwing money at them instead of the dancers. The shady part is, when the poppers are getting dollars tossed in their direction, they are saying bartenders are straight up STEALING the money.

Promoters are bringing in their own inexperienced bartenders from social media who have thousands of followers just to promote the club so now club owners are favoring those bartenders over the skilled booty dancers. Look at how the bartenders are coming to work dressed.


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I see the ladies beefing in NY Now, Dancers vs the Bartenders. Smh… We all have to just face the fact that it’s a new day, It was a time where bartenders were only allowed to serve drinks and didn’t wear the same attire as the dancers. The ladies did not change that rule the clubs did, And social media made it where some promoters ( not all ) will use popular ladies who never bartended in their life, to bartend at their events an most of all use their IG celebrity to make their fans come out on their nights! New Day! Customers like new sh-t everything changes , so now it’s a matter of dancers and bartenders having to get their fans to come spend money on them in order to eat, fair is fair I get that also. But here is the Fukery, What I do understand and acknowledge is that there is RACISM against black woman in most of these NY strip clubs! It has been going on for a while now it didn’t just start? At some of my events when it’s celebrities in the VIP I have to grab the black women by their hands and pull them into VIP. My last event this security clown would not let a black dancer in VIP, I told him it’s my event let her up there , this fool told me no, I told him you getting paid tonight because of me let her up, he still shook his head, Now we was about to get on his skull , but I wasn’t about to fuk up my own event, so I had to get a manager to check his dumb ass, then I removed his stupid ass from his post!! So if that’s the argument that’s being pushed as far as racism, then I have to agree, They don’t let black women on stage when it’s big money in the building or VIP, Unless you have built a name for yourself, So knowing this everyone needs to step their game up a notch an get it right!! Or try another state because this is how they playing, but it shouldn’t be the ladies beefing with each other because it’s not the ladies who set the rules!! But as far as telling women because they bartend they not supposed to eat, it’s a new day , not saying it’s the way that its supposed to be, but times change an ppl can do what they want with their club.. Personally I feel they should drop both titles “Strippers and Bartenders” because it’s all the same sh-t now!

Well pole poppers and so-called entitled women here is a lesson. I’m gonna tell you this, don’t think that there isn’t a better-looking woman or a woman with a better pussy.


Oklahoma Cop Kills daughter’s Black Bi-Racial Boyfriend. After 3 Trials he gets fifteen years.

A white former Oklahoma police officer has finally been convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend.
Ex-Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler has now been sentenced to 15 years in prison after jurors deliberated 6+ hours and reached a verdict for a lesser charge late Wednesday in his first-degree murder trial.
Kepler was an off-duty 24-year-police veteran at the time when he shot 19-year-old Jeremey Lake who was walking with his daughter Lisa Kepler on August 5, 2014.
His attorneys have previously said he was trying to protect his daughter, while Kepler claimed he fired in self-defense because Lake was armed with a semi-automatic weapon. (Yeah right )
Police didn’t find any weapon on Lake or at the scene. According to THE DAILY MAIL,Lisa Kepler was 18 years old when she met Lake while he was volunteering at a homeless shelter where she was staying.
She told the court her parents dropped her off at the shelter in July 2014 after she had been sneaking out at night and acting out.
After a few weeks, Lake offered her a place to stay at the home he shared with his aunt, she testified.
She said on the day of the shooting, she and Lake were passing out water bottles to the homeless before walking back to his aunt’s home.
She testified that she noticed her father’s SUV parked out front and that he started asking her questions.


She said her father asked what she was doing in the neighborhood, but she couldn’t remember how she responded, she testified.

Kepler said he was trying to protect his daughter because she was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood.
Lake’s aunt said her nephew was reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself when Kepler fired his weapon.’

Jurors in the previous three trials had deadlocked 11-1, 10-2 and 6-6, forcing the judge to declare mistrials. Although they couldn’t agree on the murder charge, jurors in the first trial convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm.

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Foreign or Domestic, Young or Old, Male or Female, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….You are likely playing with fire and it’s a fire that you can’t put out. This was another teenager who died at the hands of a White Woman, who didn’t even have to scream rape. These two were dating and that father felt threatened by what? There was clearly no weapon on the scene. This man was more than likely only threatened by another “unsaid weapon” but this also goes to show these Mixed, Bi-Racial people who tend to be in denial about racism that it is still live and open today and it isn’t far removed from happening to you, and Unfortunately, this young man’s life was snuffed out because of it.

OH MAN!| North Korea insists that THE ORANGE MAN declared War!

Oh, Man this is getting juicier and juicier by the day. We’ve seen lately that the orange man, Donald Trump just can’t stop talking and escalating things if it isn’t about the football players it’s about a war with Kim Jong Un, whose name he just can’t keep out his mouth like a penis he is servicing.

North Korea’s foreign minister said on Monday that President Donald Trump had already declared war on North Korea and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down U.S. bombers even if they are not in its airspace (Meaning anywhere all around the world). Continue reading

Ohio Cop Shoots News Photographer After mistaking his tripod for GUN!

A news organization in Ohio says that one of their photographers were shot after a routine traffic stop because one of the officers mistaked his camera and tripod for a gun! The New Carlisle News reporter Andy Grimm had left the office Monday to photograph the lightening that was in the sky that night. He then saw a Clarke County sheriff deputy performing a traffic stop.

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Former preist arrested for 43 charges of child molestation.

A former Catholic Preist has his charges packed up on top of him. What for? No other than child molestation/pedophilia. The same thing that they are famous for in this blood soaking cult.


David Joseph Perrett was charged with the fresh counts by Armidale detectives and now faces a total of 52 offenses, accused of abusing 16 different children.

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Corrine Bailey claims that it was Drugs that made her Hook Up with DeMario Jackson.

It has now been four months since The Bachelor in Paradise has been shut down and closed production. The reason for this was because of a sex scandal that spread through the media like wild fire. People viewing Corrine as a helpless victim that was attacked by a vicious gorilla even though there was footage showing that this act was consensual. 


Well, Corrine like any other historical woman who made false accusations finally came forward saying that she believes that DE MARIO DID NOTHING WRONG! She says that it was the drugs that influenced her into having sex with Jackson. Continue reading

My OPINION | Joel Olsteen Opening church to Harvey victims.

Again why are people shocked about White Christians. They have no remorse for Black people they only want you to pull yourself up by the boot straps and keep on moving.

Via Sandra Rose: Pastor Joel Osteen finally opened the doors of his Houston megachurch after catching heat for closing the $50 million

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