Jehovah Witnesses Knock on the Wrong Door AND GETS TAUGHT A LESSON ABOUT THEIR OWN BIBLE.

I found this video online and I just wanted to share this video with you guys to show you that No one has to join your religion in order to know more about your bible. For the record I am not a member of the fucked up “CONSCIOUS/WOKE” community because in all honesty that’s now become a lot of bull spit, nor am I a member of any religion such as Christianity or The Hebrew Israelite faith, because those religions to me are two of the same things.

The point is Anyone can know your bible and anyone can practice it without practicing YOUR RELIGION so what’s the need to be in a group.

He knocked on the wrong door! laughs

A big contradiction I’ve always found with religions relating to the bible (especially Christians), they are well-known for saying “God is with you everywhere”. Then in that case “What is the need for me to come to your church and why is it the pressure for me to visit your place of worship.

I was once in the mall looking for my sister and this White guy who was dressed sharp walks up to me and says “Excuse me can I have a moment to talk to you about the glory.”At this time I wasn’t a very direct person in public and I really didn’t want to stay, so I said “Go ahead.” I was still looking around him to see if I saw my sister though I had no time. Continue reading

Snake in the grass | Woman accused of embezzling $20,000 from a church!

Here is another reason many others have given up on churches as well. There is always that treasurer or some thief that is in charge of the money.  They are wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Image result for Barrett Isley Kenan

Winston-Salem police reported to media outlets that 48-year-old Barrett Isley Kenan was arrested Friday and charged with 50 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses.

Arrest warrants say Kenan took $20,073 from Hope Presbyterian Church since 2013. Authorities she used the church’s debit card to pay bills and buy items at Total Wine. Continue reading

Plane makes emergency landing after wife finds out that her husband has been cheating.

A Qatar Airways flight was to make an emergency landing on Sunday after a woman allegedly had found out that her husband was cheating with someone on the flight.

The pilot of the flight QR-972, which was originally going from Doha, Qatar, to Bali, Indonesia had decided to divert the plane to Chennai, India, after the passenger is said to have unlocked her husband’s phone by placing his finger on it while he was sleeping and discovered the unfortunate news, according to the Times of India. Continue reading

Tyrese is getting nothing from WILL AND JADA!


Tyrese has had a bad ass week, and I just want him to lay down that damn phone and don’t pick it back up. Log out of social media and just delete the apps until you’re mentally stable again.Image result for kandi burruss the lies the lies the lies gif

Tyrese Gibson has been caught in a big ass lie. Couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have denied that they were planning to loan Gibson  $5 million dollars to keep him afloat to cover his legal fees after the recent case/baby mama drama. Continue reading

Failing United States Powergrid False!

Ok so lately rumors had been spreading around that there was going to be a power outage as of November 4th, 2017 through November 6th, 2017. The original claim behind this was that the Department of Defense has planned communications drills to coincide with “antifa protests” on 4 November 2017.

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This claim turns out to be FALSE!  Continue reading



Prostitute on the street corner.

For some odd reason I found this story to be hilarious because, at the end of the day, I would think people would have more sense than to advertise themselves on Facebook. A report by Sandra goes on to let you sex workers know that Facebook is now acknowledging your presence and they are calling you OUT!

Via Sandra Rose:

If you are a sex worker, or you have anything to hide from your family and friends, you may want to reconsider being on

Sex workers who have public accounts are horrified to learn that their secret identities are being revealed to family and friends. interviewed a sex worker — identified only as “Leila” — who went to great lengths to use a different name, different telephone number, and a different email address for her public Facebook account.

Despite all her precautions, Facebook presented her clients to her via the “People You May Know” recommendations.

Now her sex work clients know her real identity.

“It’s not just sex workers who are careful to shield their identities,” Leila told Gizmodo via Skype. “The people who hire sex workers are also very concerned with anonymity so they’re using alternative emails and alternative names. And sometimes they have phones that they only use for this, for hiring women. You have two ends of people using heightened security because neither end wants their identity being revealed. And they’re having their real names connected on Facebook.”

Leila reached out to other sex workers who shared similar stories about being out on

“The worst nightmare of sex workers is to have your real name out there, and Facebook connecting people like this is the harbinger of that nightmare,” she said.

“With all the precautions we take and the different phone numbers we use, why the fuck are they showing up? How is this happening?”

Facebook refuses to reveal the algorithms they use for the “People You May Know” recommendations on Facebook, or how they link secret offline lives to Facebook accounts.

Leila suspects Facebook collects contact information from other apps on her phone or Facebook uses her location information to put her in the same place as her clients’ smartphones.

But Facebook insists it does not use location information or third party apps on a user’s phone.

“We do not use information from third party apps to show friend suggestions in People You May Know,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote via email.

Prostitutes at work

Another sex worker, identified as Ela Darling, says she doesn’t know how Facebook linked her p0rn identity on Facebook with her public identity.

She said she deleted her public account and she blocks family members and friends if she finds them through the search function on Facebook.

“I don’t want my 15-year-old cousin to discover I’m a porn star because my account gets recommended to them on Facebook,” Darling told by phone.

“We’re living in an age where you can weaponize personal information against people,” Darling said.

“Facebook isn’t a luxury,” Darling said. “It’s a utility in our lives. For something that big to be so secretive and powerful in how it accumulates your information is unnerving.”

Leila still has a public account on Facebook but, like Darling, she remains cautious.

“For sex workers, this is a huge threat. This is life or death for us,” Leila said.

This is funny lol. OMG