Chrisette Michele says “Life changed for worse after Inauguration Performance”

I honestly felt like this has been the first four years of Trump’s term but just knowing that all of this took place just in one year has just shocked the hell out of me. One of the things that we all remember was the backlash many celebrities faced after performing after the inauguration. One of those celebrities who faced it the most in the Black Community was Chrisette Michele.

Now it seems as if she’s been missing for a while, but nope it hasn’t even been a year yet and she is finally showing her face and speaking about what happened after Inaugur-Gate.

Via Bossip: After doing the show, not even meeting Trump and making this big “point” she spoke of, and gettin indignant with everyone about her decision…not much else was heard from Chrisette for the remainder of 2017.


As it turns out, she suffered privately for the rest of the year, fighting depression, miscarrying a baby, and being dropped from her label.


She went into DEEP detail about what happened to her on Instagram: Continue reading

Young and The Rustless | Bobby Valentino EXTORTION case is dismissed!

We all know the things that went down with Bobby Valentino, where he was found leaving the room running away from a Transgender woman. If you missed that click HERE. Now there was a thing that went down and there was Back Peddling.


Bobby was claiming that the woman, Reima Houston, didn’t know it was him until later on and thought of exposing him to get money for the sex acts. Claiming that they didn’t agree that the sex acts were to be paid for. This is where Continue reading

XXXTentacion leaves Weird notes and videos on Instagram.

XXXtentacion is known for his grim like appearance. Almost appearing to be a serial killer, depressed kid, sad parent, angry grandparent or evil scientist with the plot to destroy the world, wrapped  all in one ball of craziness. Now from regular interviews, this guy seems to have all his marbles but I’m convinced that he just seems to like the darker side of life. or is struggling with it. Something happened this guy somewhere or at some point in his life for him to be acting this way.

Women are going crazy for him, I guess because of his bad boy image but I think that people should be cautious about this dude. I mean I see some parallels between me an him but at least I’m not crazy on the surface it’s more under the surface. I just have a lot to say about this dude both good and bad and it’s just my honest opinion that’s all. So one of the things I wanted to talk about was his recent post online.

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Tyler The Creator “Back Peddles” on Coming Out.

Now recently on this blog I spoke about Tyler The Creator’s album and and how he was coming out as gay. Click Here, if you missed that. This is where you find his alleged boyfriend, though some people were claiming that this was all just a big misunderstanding, it seems that he confirmed it recently.

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Drake and Future getting sued for woman who was raped by someone else during their concert.

Rappers Drake and future are currently being sued by a fan/concert goer who attended their concert and was raped.

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Leavy Johnson (The suspect)

In the $25 million lawsuit, the woman claims a man by the name Leavy Johnson, who was associated with one of the concert venues, approached her and told her he could get her backstage to meet the rappers. That’s when he allegedly violently attacked her. Continue reading

The young and the RUSTLESS | Reima Houston now denies having physical contact with Bobby V.

I give it about last week a trans prostitute by the name of Reima Houston posted a video of Bobby Valentino  running from her apartment online. At first th

e prostitute was initiating (I’m sorry what kinda fuckin head is that?) that Valentino and she had engaged in a series of sex acts and he didn’t pay up the money that was owed and that’s why she did what she did.

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Click here in case you didn’t see that. Continue reading

Rapper Juvenile released from Jail.

Recently rapper Juvenile had been locked up over 150 K. of back child support that he was supposed to pay and now Juve is back and is about to get back to living the life he lived before.

Image result

From Nola
Terius Gray, better known to hip-hop music fans as “Juvenile” was released from custody in St. Charles Parish on Tuesday (June 20), after having been placed under arrest on charges he missed a court hearing in a dispute over unpaid child support. Continue reading

WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS | Real Side chicks of Charlotte

 Damn they ran out of ideas for shows, so bad that they started doing shows about side bitches.

The Real Housewives Side Chicks of Charlotte has gotten a lot of hate  lately because many people just don’t agree with the idea that there should be a show about homewreckers. From average everyday people to celebs like Snoop Dogg and Rihana. Continue reading