The Global Rewind.com is a website/blog that was in the process of creation after a long while. A website that covers topics such as crime, politics, celebrity news, funny stuff and even good news.
  • Okay this blog is biased, I have my own opinions that I want to share, you as a reader can share your own opinions in the comments and lets make it clear that this is not Fox News though you can get reliable information from here. 
  • I own absolutely none of the images being posted here on this website they all have a source. They can be found throughout the internet. However if you own any of the images that are posted here be sure to hit me up via email and we will get rid of the images. If I do own any I WILL MAKE THAT KNOWN THAT THIS IMAGE IS MINES.
  • I own most of the content (stories) that are posted here, but lets be honest people these stories come from around the web and they come through the GRAPEVINE. I do give credit from where I get the stories.