WOW| Chinese “roof topper” films his own fall to death.

In my time blogging, I’ve often asked myself  why do people do the things they do? Even when they are things that put them in risky situations that could possibly kill them. Most times these things are out of amusement and passion like this guy here.

Wu Yongning, 26, was doing workouts at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, the capital of Huan Province, when he lost his grip and fell to his instant death.

The footage you are about to see was recorded by Wu Yongning and is very graphic.

According to Daily Mail, Wu used to work as a lowly paid background actor for various films in China before becoming a video blogger at the beginning of this year.

He discovered that by posting videos of himself climbing up dangerous structures, he could earn much more money than acting and could help his family improve their living standard.

Wu had been planning to propose to his girlfriend after filming the video on November 8 (file picture)



In the space of 10 months, Wu scaled skyscrapers around China and performed stunts on top of them.

On October 3, he filmed himself doing an one-arm handstand on top of the 70-storey Sun Moon Light Plaza in Chongqing.

One month before, a video on his social media account showed him walking on a tiny ledge on top of the 68-storey Yuexiu Fortune Center in Wuhan.

One of his most famous stunts took place in mid July. In it, Wu did pull-ups without harness by grabbing to the edge of a 1,000-metre-high (3,280 feet) walkway in Zhangjiajie.

He walked away from that one but didn’t get away from this one sadly.

The other sad part about this story is that  Wu was supposed to marry his long-time girlfriend soon after the stunt took place.


He died after losing his grip and falling 45ft on to a terrace (file picture)Wu started life as a background actor in films but then began filming viral videos and aimed to become China's most famous 'rooftopper'

Damn I think I’m even more afraid to climb anything. The damn photos kinda gives me a phobia of some sort.

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