Jehovah Witnesses Knock on the Wrong Door AND GETS TAUGHT A LESSON ABOUT THEIR OWN BIBLE.

I found this video online and I just wanted to share this video with you guys to show you that No one has to join your religion in order to know more about your bible. For the record I am not a member of the fucked up “CONSCIOUS/WOKE” community because in all honesty that’s now become a lot of bull spit, nor am I a member of any religion such as Christianity or The Hebrew Israelite faith, because those religions to me are two of the same things.

The point is Anyone can know your bible and anyone can practice it without practicing YOUR RELIGION so what’s the need to be in a group.

He knocked on the wrong door! laughs

A big contradiction I’ve always found with religions relating to the bible (especially Christians), they are well-known for saying “God is with you everywhere”. Then in that case “What is the need for me to come to your church and why is it the pressure for me to visit your place of worship.

I was once in the mall looking for my sister and this White guy who was dressed sharp walks up to me and says “Excuse me can I have a moment to talk to you about the glory.”At this time I wasn’t a very direct person in public and I really didn’t want to stay, so I said “Go ahead.” I was still looking around him to see if I saw my sister though I had no time.

This guy starts asking me questions about DO I BELIEVE IN JESUS? At the time I did, and then I answered “Yes”

Then he asks “What church do you go to?” Then I knew what this was.

My response, I was hesitant about answering the question and then I just went straight for the answer. “Look, I don’t go to church.”

He then says in a stern voice walking close to me and grabbing my wrist “Sir, you need to go to church and you need to get there now, because I don’t see eternal life in your future.”

With that I was kind of pissed that he said that because, How was this guy sure that he was going to get into heaven? I patted him on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes in a warm way and forced myself not to curse this B***h out.

“Have a nice day!” I said ripping his card up and throwing it on the floor.

As I walk away he seemed upset and a little pissed off and follows behind me saying,

“You need church, that is the only way to your eternal life.”

Now, the fact that he was following me and saying that was what initially stirred the pot and I said “Well, I guess we both will be going to hell, see you when I get there.”

When I thought back on it the irony of the whole thing is when I looked back at this man’s clothing and I saw where this man was wearing all of those different fabrics. This man had on a fur coat with a top hat, with a polyester suit. IGNORING THE FACT THAT IN THAT BIBLE IT SAYS THAT YOU SHOULDN’T WEAR MULTIPLE FABRICS.

Nine times out of ten, this was a pastor or deacon of one of those big churches and was using whatever money he got to buy his luxury. In my opinion and experience of growing up in a church, I noticed that Christians tend to be more materialistic and try to act as if they are so spiritual and are only being the BULLY BEHIND THE PULPIT.


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