Colorado Springs Minister impregnated 14-year-old church girl.


A 22-year-old Colorado Springs man who worked at a church impregnated a 14-year old girl and is now behind bars.

Romello Leach, 22, was arrested a day before Thanksgiving after a months-long investigation that sprung into action after someone came forward and confessed to what the man did. According to Arrest papers, the victim was an employee at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, where the young teen was taken after her mother noticed she had “a larger belly.”

Leach’s bond was set out to $50,000. Detectives say that there is a possibility that there is a possibility of Leach having more than one victim out there.

According to KKTV, So far, just the one alleged victim has been identified, a sheriff’s office spokesperson told 11 News, but due to how prolific Leach was in the church community, there is a troubling potential for more.

“He had access to so many given his position and the number of churches he was involved in,” said EPSO spokesperson Jacqueline Kirby.

As a parent herself, Kirby said it’s especially difficult grappling with children being preyed upon in what should be a safe space.

“It’s very disheartening; as a parent, I’ll tell you, you go to church and you would think that’s one of the places you’re safe from predators … unfortunately, we’ve seen that that’s not the case.”

Leach allegedly admitted to impregnating a 14-year-old in a telephone conversation with his ex-wife that El Paso County sheriff’s deputies recorded. The arrest affidavit details that conversation, in which the former wife asked her one-time husband, “So you didn’t sleep with that girl and get her pregnant?” to which Leach allegedly replied that “it happened.”

He later acknowledged he knew the girl’s parents, according to the affidavit, stated he had made a mistake, and allegedly said it was “not like he will go around and sleep with everybody’s 13 or 14-year-old daughter.”

His alleged victim gave birth in September.

Kirby implored anyone who thinks they might be a victim to contact the sheriff’s office.

“If there is anybody out there who feels they have been victimized or their children have been victimized, please give us a call,” Kirby said.

That number is 719-520-6666.

Hold the hell up now……

I just noticed this number, this number has the mark of the beast in it and I just asked myself. “Is Church even sacred anymore?”


This is why I urge a lot of family and friends to leave the church alone, it is filled with nothing but Hoes and Hypocrites.Image result for devil laughing 666

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