Kendra Wilkinson’s Cotton Picking Moment goes NOT SO WELL! Receiving Backlash!

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It took this photo of Kendra Wilkinson for people to question her personality.

Kendra Wilkinson learned preferably the easier way that when it comes to picking cotton it’s no laughing matter especially considering American History. She went viral this week after she posted an Instagram story stating “Always wanted to pick cotton.”

And that didn’t goooooo sooooo wellll….. yikes HERE ARE SOME REACTIONS



I want to interject here, quite frankly I don’t care if she meant it in one way or the other. I do know that nowadays cotton is picked by a machine. So where did she get the idea of picking cotton? Nowhere but slave films.

Now I’m not going to fake it off and act like there is no ignorance here, if you wanted to pick cotton you could’ve done this and shut the hell up about it but no she just goes on to share a story and making it looks as if ‘OH MY LAWRD, THAT DON’T LOOK SO BAD I WANNA TRY IT’ She should’ve just DONE IT.

I’m not going to sit here and allow this to slide because I’ve always felt this suspect vibe of of her. I’m pretty sure she knows of the climate we’re in about America’s disgusting and barbaric history with Black Americans.  I would drag her husband and say that he should’ve talked to her, BUT she should already know this.

I think she knew damn well she wanted this reaction from black people, why?  Because let me explain something to you about fading stars. See Kendra was once known for her body and probably still is to this day, but who is checking for her? NO ONE, but Hank!

She wanted to be apart of recent and trending news. she wanted this, let’s stop acting like this is something that’s beyond her because this was the same woman who stripped naked for Playboy and Sexually OBJECTIFIED herself just for the pleasure of millions of men. What would make you think she wouldn’t swoop this low of so-called ‘reverse racism” so that she can get that victimhood of being thought of as a racist and having to fight tooth and nail and being seen as a damsel in distress for the media. JUST FOR A COME BACK.

I wish many would stop being denial about the fact that a lot of these “SWIRLERS” are undercover racist and some are brash about it, and that I respect at least you can call me and your own lover a NIGGER to our faces. (Not saying I wouldn’t call you out of your name or give you a read for your life.)

But the question still lingers for Kendra, the mother of a Black Child and a Black Husband, how could you not know about this? Has she ever even learned about the history of her husband’s Black family, or was this just another impulsive marriage that was just dying to happen.

A lot of these people they get married out of just doing it for the cameras and doing it for business deals and security. I doubt if their marriage is even something sacred and if it is it must be sacredly demonic to make such a cruel joke about cotton-picking. I’m very damn well aware of what this is.

You see Kendra Wilkinson is 32-years-old and  I’m pretty sure she knows this history this is just no coincidence.

WHERE DID SHE GET THE IDEA OF PICKING COTTON? Just answer that, look into that.

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