Myeshia Johnson finds out that not all of LaDavid’s remains were buried.

Myeshia Johnson knew something wasn’t right about her husband’s funeral and the way that the government officials were handling it. For starters the way Donald Trump called her phone was very fishy. Now she has found out that she had only buried some of her husband’s remains and NOT ALL OF THEM.

NBC News reports the remains were retrieved from the spot near the village of Tongo Tongo, Niger, where Johnson and three other American soldiers were ambushed and killed on Oct. 4 by ISIS-linked militants. On November 12th, an inspection of the site by a joint task force of FBI and military investigators later identified LaDavid’s remains via DNA testing.

Defense Department spokeswoman Dana White said in a statement.

“We can confirm that the Armed Forces Medical Examiner has positively identified these remains as those of Sgt. Johnson.”

This is a tragedy. So his wife buried part of his body like she expected? In an interview with GMA, Myeshia said she never got to touch of see La David after learning about his death with no explanation and she found it peculiar.

This is why I urge all Black men, or any men of the so-called minority to not join the armed forces. For starters that shit is dangerous and secondly, why join the armed forces when it is a proven fact that you won’t get any benefits when you return home to these United States. This man died for this country and the President of the United States told this woman ” HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING HIMSELF INTO.” smh

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