Villain or Hero?| Mugabe Resigns from Zimbabwe 37 year reign as citizens celebrate.

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This man held power in Zimbabwe for 37-years. He held the land-locked country down and was quoted saying “ONLY GOD CAN REMOVE ME.” He then finally submitted a letter of resignation.

Mugabe’s former ally and now rival vice president Emmerson Mngawgwa, is expected to return from South Africa and is said to be appointed as the new president of the nation of Zimbabwe.

His (Mugabe) resignation came as a shock and in a letter addressed by the speaker of parliament.

In it said that Mugabe- who had so far resisted pressure from the public, the army and his own party to step aside – said he was resigning to allow a smooth and peaceful transfer of power, and that his decision was voluntary.
The announcement abruptly halted an impeachment hearing that had begun against him on Tuesday.


A political activist by the name of “We are tired of this man, we are so glad he’s gone. We don’t want him anymore and yes, today, it’s victory,” she said.

The now ruling Zanu-PF party says that their new president will be the former vice president under Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s new president.

It’s been a few days and many are celebrating in the streets that “The Mugabe Era” is over.

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Via BBC: Mr. Mugabe, 93, was until his resignation the world’s oldest leader.
According to the constitution, his successor should be the current Vice-President, Phelekezela Mphoko, a supporter of Grace Mugabe.
But a ZANU-PF official Larry Mavhima told Reuters Mr. Mnangagwa is to return home for 11:30 GMT, where he is later expected to be sworn-in.

Now with all of the celebrating, that is going on it makes me ask the question.

Was Robert Mugabe a Hero or a Villain to Zimbabwe?

Well for some he will forever be a hero because he brought an end to WHITE MINORITY ruling in the country, but to a growing number of critics, a 37-year-reign and his directness made people think of him as an African dictator who destroyed a whole country just to stay on top.

In the end, it is said to be security forces who put him there and intimidated opposing forces, were the same ones who put him out.

According to BBC, Before the 2008 elections, Mr. Mugabe said: “If you lose an election and are rejected by the people, it is time to leave politics.”
But after coming second to Morgan Tsvangirai, Mr. Mugabe displayed more characteristic defiance, swearing that “only God” could remove him from office.
And just to be sure, violence was unleashed to preserve his grip on power.
In order to save the lives of his supporters, Mr. Tsvangirai pulled out of the second round and although Mr. Mugabe was forced to share power with his long-time rival for four years, he remained president.
He even won another election, in 2013, as Mr. Tsvangirai had lost a lot of credibility during his years working with Mr. Mugabe.
The key to understanding Mr. Mugabe is the 1970s guerrilla war where he made his name.

Wow, even I’m shocked Hopefully, the future of Zimbabwe gets better, and it progresses.

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