TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE | U.N. releases footage of Kim’s Regime firing into the South at man running away.

Via Daily Mail:

The United Nations Command (UNC) in South Korea released the video as Kim Jong-un’s regime was accused of violating an armistice agreement put in place in 1953 following the Korean War, by shooting across the border as well as actually crossing the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).
The soldier, whose rank and identity have not been disclosed, was flown by a US military helicopter to a hospital after his escape south in a hail of bullets fired by the North on November 13.
The video, which is divided into five sections, takes place over just a matter of minutes.

Beginning at 3.11pm local time, the defector can be seen speeding towards the MDL in a Jeep before appearing to get stuck in a ditch.

In part two, at 3.14pm, North Korean soldiers can be seen frantically heading towards the defector, who continues his daring escape on foot.

Part three shows the moments the armistice was seemingly violated, when Korean People’s Army (KPA) shoot in the direction of the defector, and one can even be seen crossing the MDL before realizing his mistake and retreating.

The fourth part of the video sees a group of North Korean soldiers apparently coming together to address the situation before the final part of the video, which lasts a total of seven minutes, shows South Korean soldiers inching towards the defector and dragging him to safety.

The key findings of the special investigation team are that the KPA violated the armistice agreement by one, firing weapons across the MDL, and two, by actually crossing the MDL temporarily,’ Chad Carroll, Director of Public Affairs for the UNC, told reporters.
The video does not show the moment when the defector was hit by half a dozen rounds fired by the North Korean guards, but he eventually collapses next to a concrete wall, 150feet south of the MDL.
South Korea’s military said more than more than 40 bullets were fired at the soldier, from pistols and from an AK-47.
The soldier, who was shot five times and underwent multiple surgeries, has regained consciousness but needs further treatment, his surgeon Lee Guk-jong, said in a separate news conference Wednesday.

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