Atlanta Rapper and his cousin’s bodies are found in Alabama


The bodies of an Atlanta rapper and his cousin were both found in Alabama according to Atlanta Authorities.

Bodies of Edward Reeves, whose stage name is Bambino Gold, and his cousin Kendrick Stokes were found in Macon County, Ala., the sheriff confirmed.

The cousins were last seen at the Sky Bar in their hometown of Montgomery, Ala. They were reportedly going to head to Atlanta but made a stop at a friend’s house around 11 p.m. They were to return to the friend’s house before traveling to Georgia but never made it back and didn’t answer phone calls from the friend and family members. They were last seen in a white 2016 Honda CRV.

The situation left Stokes’ mother, Felicia Stokes Webster, puzzled. “They just vanished into thin air,”

The first of the men’s bodies were found on County Road 13 by a passerby in a heavily wooded area and the second one was founded in the woods of Highway 80, 4  miles away from the first body by patrolmen.

Macon County is about 40 miles east of Montgomery.

Reeves, 29, went missing after he and Stokes left Nov. 5 for Montgomery, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case, WTVM reported.

Reeves has collaborated with rapper Lil Boosie, who is best known for the 2006 hit, “Wipe Me Down.”


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Aye boy you hanging around me to much you starting to look like me! 😍

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If you counted me out you lost count ! #448 #Greatproduct #Cmr

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I have a few scenario of what happened here.

SCENARIO 1: The way these guys flag around money on social media, they were either robbed and attacked, by someone who wanted money and ended up killing the both of them.

SCENARIO 2: RIVALRY (Either from a gang member, someone they knew personally/ professionally or from another rapper.) These men were in their hometown of Montgomery earlier.

But what strikes me as weird is that they were found 40 miles out, why go so far out to hide a body? Not saying that no one would do it, but there are wooded areas closer. This does give me the thought that they were killed in that nearby area.

SCENARIO 3: Judging by the looks of Gambino’s son, who is possibly bi-racial, and due to increased racial tension in America,  I’m assuming that he was quite fond of Caucasian women and one was involved in their demise. I mean look at where they are at ALABAMA- The hotbed of white supremacy.

SCENARIO 4: They stopped somewhere and got into trouble with a random someone. Some random altercation went wrong

SCENARIO 5: Got stopped by BAD COPS and it all went downhill

SCENARIO 6: Drug deal has gone wrong, I personally do think this one because in all honesty, they were out in a rural area and what place better to do drug transactions right? So this one goes with Scenario 2 as well.

Note look at the comments made on his Instagram page under his son’s photo. Many believe this one and not only that a blank account makes one suspicious comment of threats directed at some unknown people.


Hopefully, this case gets solved, any more theories?

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