Man took photos of dead wife’s corpse then dismembered her in front of their children.

A homeless man in Kansas City,Missouri posed for a photo alongside his dead wife’s body to take a picture, then he turned and began dismembering her body right in front of her children.

The man who is now known as Justin Rey, 35, was arrested last month after being found with the remains at a Kansas storage unit, was charged Wednesday with the abandonment of a corpse and given a charge of child endangerment in Jackson County, Missouri. He’s jailed on $1 million bond in Johnson County, Kansas, on child endangerment charges.

Justin Rey sitting in court

He’s jailed on a $1 million bond in Johnson County, Kansas, on child endangerment charges.

According to court documents cited by the Kansas City Star, Rey, his pregnant wife, Jessica Monteiro Rey, and their two-year-old daughter checked in to a Kansas City hotel on Sept. 25. He said Jessica Rey died after giving birth in the bathtub of the hotel room on October 20.

States of Missouri and Kansas court records didn’t state how she died, and Rey provided conflicting information. Rey said that his wife had turned to suicide after giving birth and he then said that she died during childbirth, the probable cause statement says.

After the woman’s death,  he placed her body on the bed and took pictures of himself and the children with her body, the paper reports. He said he stayed with the newborn and the toddler in the room for two more days before he moved her back to the hotel bathtub, where he DISMEMBERED HER BODY IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

Rey then placed some of her body parts in a large cooler, a Kansas City police detective wrote in the probable cause statement. He used a nearby stove to boil some of the woman’s body parts that wouldn’t fit in the cooler and flushed some of her remains down the toilet.

Hotel management said Rey had made an attempt to disguise his voice as a woman’s when he made a call out to the front desk to check out on the 23rd of October the statement says. Surveillance video footage shows him pulling a red cooler with a black bag on top through the hotel, while pushing a stroller with a toddler walking beside him.

(PAUSE: Why? Why didn’t he just call authorities? This man waited a whole three days after the woman dies and then does nothing.)

Local police found the body parts inside a cooler and tote at a U-Haul Moving and Storage facility in nearby Lenexa, Kansas, after Rey fell asleep there with the children. Emergency responders checked on the children, who were later on taken to a hospital. The affidavit says the baby wasn’t wearing proper clothing and had an infection of the eye.

After Rey was arrested and put in a police vehicle, he was asked about his wife’s whereabouts. He responded that she had passed on several days earlier and was in the cooler and one of the totes, which he had been trying to remove from the storage unit.

The probable cause statement for the Missouri charges says the hotel room’s bathtub drain was removed and apparent human tissue was found. Traces of blood also were detected throughout the room.

Rey had a series of run-ins with the law in the northwestern Arizona communities of Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Williams and Flagstaff between 2012 and last December for relatively minor offenses. Court records show eight cases, including four for theft and a pair of citations for driving without a valid license and insurance and a probation violation case. The records show he pleaded guilty in five cases and mainly faced fines, while two others were dismissed. He never served time in an Arizona state prison.

Rey doesn’t currently have an attorney in the Missouri case but, he has one in the Kansas case. His attorney in the Kansas case, Courtney Henderson, did not return a call from The Associated Press seeking comment early Thursday.

During a court appearance earlier this month, Rey was removed after a screaming rant against officers.

Everyone is always quick to say “COMPLY WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT.” This man got into a screaming match with them after committing such a heinous act. SMH you see, I’ll get shot at for screaming and probably murdered. This guy gets put back in his jail cell to fight his case later.


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