Vietnamese Girl Electrocutes herself while charging IPHONE

A teenage girl has died in Vietnam after she was electrocuted in her sleep by her faulty iPhone charger cable.

Le Thi Xoan, aged 14, had reportedly rolled over in her sleep and by mistake landed on the torn cable of her iPhone Charger and as a result, been exposed to the live wire, police in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi said.

The young woman was found unconscious by her parents and rushed to a local hospital; however, doctors were unable to revive her and pronounced her dead.

Faulty Iphone Wiring

Actual photo of the killer charger.

Police found the burnt white cable on her bed and believe the slight tear in the rubber casing may have exposed the live wires inside.

According to investigators, the police believe the girl had plugged the Apple device into the wall to charge and let it lay on her bed to charge as she did every other night.

It is thought that the tragedy likely struck as she slept and rolled onto the iPhone’s charging cable, which electrocuted her with the current. The charging cable is being inspected but the authorities said they are yet to determine whether it was the original Apple wire or a third-party device.

In a picture (above) showing the burnt cable, it appears to be shorter than Apple’s original 20-inch charging cable.
The see-through tape had also been wrapped around the front of the cable, suggesting that the victim may have been aware of the wear and tear but decided to continue using it regardless.

It doesn’t look like an iPhone charger but who am I to judge? I’ve never had an iPhone and don’t plan on getting one either. #TeamAndroidAllDay!

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