Charges dropped against 7 accused of pulling down statue in Durham

In the riots that took place this year in multiple cities across the United States, there were many people pulling down statues of old confederate “so-called” heroes. One city that these actions took place in was Durham, North Carolina where several people grabbed a ladder and climbed atop one of the statues in Durham and toppled it over.

There were plans to give these people felony charges but according to the attorney who is standing for the seven, those felony charges have been dropped, but the misdemeanor charges will still remain.

The monument of a Confederate soldier holding a rifle was erected in 1924 and inscribed on it are the words “in memory of the boys who wore the gray.”

According to 11 ABC

Last month, the charges brought against three other people accused in the incident were also dropped. Officials said the two felony and three misdemeanor charges against Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor were dismissed by the prosecutor.

lets take a look back at the video

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