RACE FACTOR| Colorado Man Kills three People, and this didn’t make news despite his hatred for HISPANIC PEOPLE.

You probably haven’t heard of the latest mass shooting and the reason you probably didn’t hear about it is because race matters. See the mainstream (MASSA’S MEDIA) doesn’t want you to know this because this was yet another white male who went inside a place and began shooting random people. This is A TERRORIST.

Scott Ostreem (pictured above) walked into a Walmart north of Denver, Colorado and opened fire on the people on  NOVEMBER 1ST. Eyewitnesses described, Oostreem as NONCHALANTLY shooting everyone in his radius.

Police says that they found Ostrem a day later, alive and took him into custody. They couldn’t find one motive for the shooting other than to say it was related to domestic terrorism.

Please see that The incident meets the FBI definition of a mass killing: Three or more people who died in a public place. But sandwiched between a Halloween day attack that killed eight in Manhattan and the slaughter of 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Walmart killings has slid into the dark..

Ostrem’s rampage deserves far more attention because it shows the foremost terrorist threat in America today: White supremacist violence unleashed and influenced by President Donald Trump.

Ostrem killed three Hispanic people, Pam Marques, Victor Vasquez, and Carlos Moreno, all parents. In the apartment complex where Ostrem resided, neighbors described him as “a bizarre, angry man who lived alone in an apartment with a stack of Bibles and virtually no furniture.” He had been a “loner who would walk around carrying weapons” like a shotgun or bow and arrows.

And when asked about relations with the neighbors, they said that he was racist towards HISPANICS. Another person says that he was Verbally abusive towards Hispanic people.

The local CBS affiliate reported Ostrem “often expressed dislike for Hispanics to their faces.” A Hispanic employee at the building said, “If he saw a Hispanic person, he would tell them to get out of his way.” One neighbor said Ostrem would say, “’This is America. You shouldn’t be here.”

Knowing Trump’s rants towards Muslims and foreigners, we all know that had this been something done by any foreigner Trump would be on twitter jumping down their throats and pushing buttons. We all now see how he would react if it was done by one of his own WHITE SUPREMACIST who decided to unleash their “WHITE RAGE” on a crowd of people.

This is a prime example of white privilege.

Get more of this story here

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