Netflix OFFICIALLY FIRES Kevin Spacey.


Netflix has officially said to Kevin Spacey “OKAY PARTY’S OVER”. They have finally let Kevin Spacey go after he was accused of sexual misconduct by a younger actor. The video streaming website also announced that they will cancel a showing of anything with the embattled actor.

“Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey,” a Netflix spokesman said in a statement late Friday.

The news hit the fan after an 24-year old teacher came to the forefront and said that he and Spacey had met when he was only 15 and Spacey had allegedly tried to sexually assault him.

The unidentified man says that he met  Spacey when he was one of the students in Spacey’s acting class in Westchester County, New York.

The man recalls that Spacey said (At that time) he remembered him several years before when he was only 12.

He says that Spacey Promised to introduce him to producers in order to advance his career.

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Spacey is currently said to be attending a SEX REHAB FACILITY for TREATMENT.


You know it’s always something with these Hollywood people, they want to escape trouble and they go off into hiding and then decide to go to these MYSTERIOUS REHABS. Every single one that gets caught up in a scandal goes to a rehab, if L.A. has that many rehabs then they should be getting rid of drugs, alcohol and sexual assaults but we know that within the industry these people are doing a lot of illegal things off the radar. They probably pay the cops off, I did hear that Los Angeles P.D. is very dirty.

Dirty like a dog’s mouth but they keep from barking just so they don’t have to get those dentastix.

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