Grindr Employee claims HR Supervisor drugged and raped him.


An employee at the Gay Social Media Network Grindr, home to 2 million users, claims that he was drugged and raped by one of the Human Resource managers.

The victim makes the claim that Daniel Cabenero had drugged him before placing him in the car and sexually assaulted him after a Christmas Party in 2016.

Image result for grindr gif 

The unnamed victim says that he awoke in an unfamiliar bed where Cabenera was holding him down and raping him.

The victim says he also went to the hospital where he received a humiliating examination/rape kit.

He also makes claims that he suffered sexual misconduct and was sexually harassed in the workplace.

The company Grindr did not return a comment from this report.

Damn, what is going on, everyone is coming forward about rapes and sexual misconducts. This is just craaaazy.

MY ADVICE: Be sure you know the person you are working for because this shit is getting out of hand and when you see the signs, WALK AWAY. This is sad for this guy because he needed the job just like a lot of victims and they just can’t get away so easily.

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