Plastic Surgery Lover Natasha Gowns weird hilarious BUTT!

If you want a butt, but don’t have the genetics just get your ass up and go work on that shit.

Like lets be authentic for a moment your ASS TO LEG RATIO WILL TELL IT ALL.  Butts don’t make that weird as dropped curve inward like this woman’s ass that looks like she pulled some beef out of a local grocery store and taped it on her ass before she put on those big ass pants.

Like why would your ass still have that much umps and lumps in it though.

Your ass has no business looking like this! You can clearly tell that this woman was never working on any shape of some sort, and if she was it was the shape of 2 donuts. One for her body and the other she had on the plate that she wanted to put in her mouth.

Look at this shit.

So I guess this chick gets hype because now she obviously can’t sit her fat ass in a regular chair and then on top of that look at her shape as I said before DONUT. I bet money you got somebody in the comments loving this shit.

Lemme look in the comments real quick for ya….


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