Trump will finally declare national state of emergency on Opioid Crisis

Cheeto doesn’t want to jail them or help them at all.

Donald Trump will officially declare on Thursday a national health emergency for those affected by the opioid crisis. According to senior administration officials, addressing a scourge killing tens of thousands of people nationwide.

Under Trump’s direction, the secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services will declare a 90-day national public health emergency, subject to regular renewal. The declaration “gives us power to do things that you can’t do right now,” said Trump on Wednesday, in remarks made outside the White House.

Public health officials are hoping the announcement, promised by Trump since August, will shift federal funding for local addiction recovery and overdose prevention efforts to hard hit places. However, the federal fund for public health emergencies is empty, meaning new money will have to be added in federal budget negotiations this year to start new programs. The administration has previously supported calls for an extra $15 to $45 billion in federal funding to address the overdose crisis in failed health care bill negotiations earlier this year.

“With an emergency declaration, the Trump administration has an opportunity to chart a new course on the overdose crisis and reset its approach to drug policy,” Grant Smith of the Drug Policy Alliance wrote Wednesday, calling for a shift from relying on law enforcement toward medical treatment of addiction. “Anything short of this will needlessly cost many more lives.”

The president informally declared the crisis an emergency on Aug. 10 and will do it again Thursday (Today).

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Never a situation of lock em up and throw away the key like they did during the crack epidemic, hmmm I wonder why?

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