Minnesota man arrested after record breaking 28th DUI

This man has 28 DUI’s stretching all the way back to the 1980’s all while there are people being put in prisons for first time offenses.

Danny Lee Bettcher (pictured above) has 28 DUI charges.

Via Daily Mail: A 64-year-old Minnesota man has been arrested for a record-breaking 28th DUI.
Danny Lee Bettcher was charged in Otter Tail County District Court last week with felony-level drunken driving and refusing a breathalyzer test.
An off-duty officer allegedly saw Bettcher drinking at a bar in New York Mills.
An on-duty officer followed Bettcher, who allegedly ignored a stop sign and drove onto Highway 10 at 10mph while swerving.
He continued traveling for 200 yards before he was pulled over by police.
The criminal complaint says his eyes were bloodshot and watery and a beer can was spotted behind the passenger seat.
Bettcher gave the officer a health identification card that included an alcohol restriction.
He then refused a field sobriety test.
‘I am way over,’ he said, according to the complaint. ‘Take me to jail.’
If convicted, Bettcher’s maximum sentence is seven years with two-thirds spent in prison and the rest on supervised release, along with five years of probation.

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