Conspiracy Theory | Las Vegas Conspiracy Theories are spreading like wildfire!

At the moment the big talked about thing is the Las Vegas Massacre, AND we do know that behind every incident there is always someone scrutinizing the whole situation possibly even more than law enforcement can…and sometimes the theories are just overly drawn out.

 “Yes, I noticed a small bump in Facebook traffic,” said Billy Carson, the blogger who operates 4biddenknowledge, about publishing Vegas-related conspiracy headlines. “These posts about the Vegas mass shooting definitely have people talking and talking is good.”

The viral ‘fake’ news stories shared by leaning right wing people for the most part and also by those who are into conspiracy theories who are always pointing fingers at the government having hand in the whole thing. Many suggests that the media is lying and paying actors and actresses to play the role of victims.There are also others who think that this man was from a specific terrorist group.


Now, we have seen them call this man “A SHOOTER” BUT never did they go out and call this man “Terrorist”. Of course, this man is Satan, but let’s be brutally honest to the media and to everyone out there they believe that a terrorist is always wearing something over their head and is a member of a terrorist or religious group.


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