Attention Seeking Much? | Woman fakes her own kidnapping on Facebook and is arrested!

Photos posted to Thelma Williams timeline.

Now when looking at these photos you can see that these photos are some-what convincing After these photos were posted on Thelma William’s Facebook timeline friends and family members phoned 911 and as a result, they shut down highways and went on a manhunt looking for this lady.

The woman pictured above is 38-year-old Thelma Williams who had tried to fake her own kidnapping by stuffing her own underwear in her mouth and appearing in distress. In all, she posted two photos and two videos that were short. In one of her video, you can clearly see that she doesn’t even realize that her video has started which explains her delayed reaction.


Deputies said they found Williams loosely bound with ripped clothes when they arrived where she had also admitted that the whole thing had never happened and that it was all intended to be a joke. She was then arrested and charged with filing a false police report which is a  fifth-degree felony.

Williams Mugshot


A search of Williams’s Facebook also showed statuses dating back to September 18, claiming a man named ‘Tony’ had taken over her account.
‘My name is Tony! Tell little Thelma she can’t hide forever. I see her when she’s sleeping. I’m like Santa claws [sic]!’ read a September 18 post.
Another status from September 24 read: ‘Do you think she’ll look pretty with her insides spilled all over the basement floor.’


So look at where this story is taking place, in Ohio….Go figure.

Detectives said Williams indicated she wanted attention from her family, adding that she was going through ‘personal issues’ after recently breaking up with her current boyfriend.


Tony must be her boyfriend lol smdh

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