Chrisette Michele Caught using someone else’s miscarriage photo.

It’s no secret that the singer Chrisette Michele was thrown in the trash, discarded and shunned by the Black Community after she had pandered to Donald Trump’s wish for Blacks to come begging at his feet for love, peace and acceptance.Not long after that, she began having suicidal thoughts,  her label dropped her and she had a miscarriage……

or at least she lead us to believe.

Now warning: It is unknown if Chrisette really had a miscarriage but she was being called out for using someone’s discarded fetus photo from google.

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Another Day, Another Hollywood Scandal | Kevin Spacey exposed for trying to seduce young man and comes out.

He carried him away like a groom carries a bride he is in love with.

If you haven’t heard Kevin Spacey has recently came out of the closet as gay, after many years of speculation. Well that’s not the only thing, Spacey is accused of sexual assault against a 14-year-old back in 86.

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A Star Trek actor by the name of Anthony Rapp, who is openly gay, has come out and accused Spacey of sexual assault. He made claims that Spacey invited him to his Manhattan apartment in 86, just at the young age of 14 and was making sexual advances towards him.

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Chrisette Michele says “Life changed for worse after Inauguration Performance”

I honestly felt like this has been the first four years of Trump’s term but just knowing that all of this took place just in one year has just shocked the hell out of me. One of the things that we all remember was the backlash many celebrities faced after performing after the inauguration. One of those celebrities who faced it the most in the Black Community was Chrisette Michele.

Now it seems as if she’s been missing for a while, but nope it hasn’t even been a year yet and she is finally showing her face and speaking about what happened after Inaugur-Gate.

Via Bossip: After doing the show, not even meeting Trump and making this big “point” she spoke of, and gettin indignant with everyone about her decision…not much else was heard from Chrisette for the remainder of 2017.


As it turns out, she suffered privately for the rest of the year, fighting depression, miscarrying a baby, and being dropped from her label.


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NFL Owners and Players meet with Colin Kaepernick to discuss race issues.

I’m assuming this is good news for Colin Kaepernick. He was invited back to the NFL to meet with team players and owners to discuss a hot topic that we know is a big issue in America RACISM.

Kaepernick’s lawyer says that no one reached out to him, inviting him to the meeting.  Continue reading

Trump will finally declare national state of emergency on Opioid Crisis

Cheeto doesn’t want to jail them or help them at all.

Donald Trump will officially declare on Thursday a national health emergency for those affected by the opioid crisis. According to senior administration officials, addressing a scourge killing tens of thousands of people nationwide.

Under Trump’s direction, the secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services will declare a 90-day national public health emergency, subject to regular renewal. The declaration “gives us power to do things that you can’t do right now,” said Trump on Wednesday, in remarks made outside the White House.

Public health officials are hoping the announcement, promised by Trump since August, will shift federal funding for local addiction recovery and overdose prevention efforts to hard hit places. However, the federal fund for public health emergencies is empty, meaning new money will have to be added in federal budget negotiations this year to start new programs. The administration has previously supported calls for an extra $15 to $45 billion in federal funding to address the overdose crisis in failed health care bill negotiations earlier this year.

“With an emergency declaration, the Trump administration has an opportunity to chart a new course on the overdose crisis and reset its approach to drug policy,” Grant Smith of the Drug Policy Alliance wrote Wednesday, calling for a shift from relying on law enforcement toward medical treatment of addiction. “Anything short of this will needlessly cost many more lives.”

The president informally declared the crisis an emergency on Aug. 10 and will do it again Thursday (Today).

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Never a situation of lock em up and throw away the key like they did during the crack epidemic, hmmm I wonder why?

Don Lemon receives racist death threats after asking President Trump to “Leave LaDavid Johnson’s Wife alone.”


Don Lemon is now receiving death threats from a white nationalist Trump Supporter who targeted the CNN Anchor on Twitter.

Lemon reported the threats to the NYPD on Wednesday, according to TMZ.
He received a number of messages on Twitter saying

‘F*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck’ and ‘U r a pile of rotting Dogs*,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron ahole, i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon…’
The report was made for aggravated harassment but NYPD sources say it is likely to be looked at as a hate crime.
The person behind the account where the alleged threats came from is a self-proclaimed white nationalist conservative who is ‘pro gun, anti Islam, anti terrorist anti leftist’. Continue reading

STRIPPER STRIKE| Dark Skin Pole Workers Protest in NYC

Pole workers are saying that NYC bartenders are stealing dollars out of their thongs, panties and gurdles literally. Theses drink pourers are dressing just like strippers and customers are throwing money at them instead of the dancers. The shady part is, when the poppers are getting dollars tossed in their direction, they are saying bartenders are straight up STEALING the money.

Promoters are bringing in their own inexperienced bartenders from social media who have thousands of followers just to promote the club so now club owners are favoring those bartenders over the skilled booty dancers. Look at how the bartenders are coming to work dressed.


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I see the ladies beefing in NY Now, Dancers vs the Bartenders. Smh… We all have to just face the fact that it’s a new day, It was a time where bartenders were only allowed to serve drinks and didn’t wear the same attire as the dancers. The ladies did not change that rule the clubs did, And social media made it where some promoters ( not all ) will use popular ladies who never bartended in their life, to bartend at their events an most of all use their IG celebrity to make their fans come out on their nights! New Day! Customers like new sh-t everything changes , so now it’s a matter of dancers and bartenders having to get their fans to come spend money on them in order to eat, fair is fair I get that also. But here is the Fukery, What I do understand and acknowledge is that there is RACISM against black woman in most of these NY strip clubs! It has been going on for a while now it didn’t just start? At some of my events when it’s celebrities in the VIP I have to grab the black women by their hands and pull them into VIP. My last event this security clown would not let a black dancer in VIP, I told him it’s my event let her up there , this fool told me no, I told him you getting paid tonight because of me let her up, he still shook his head, Now we was about to get on his skull , but I wasn’t about to fuk up my own event, so I had to get a manager to check his dumb ass, then I removed his stupid ass from his post!! So if that’s the argument that’s being pushed as far as racism, then I have to agree, They don’t let black women on stage when it’s big money in the building or VIP, Unless you have built a name for yourself, So knowing this everyone needs to step their game up a notch an get it right!! Or try another state because this is how they playing, but it shouldn’t be the ladies beefing with each other because it’s not the ladies who set the rules!! But as far as telling women because they bartend they not supposed to eat, it’s a new day , not saying it’s the way that its supposed to be, but times change an ppl can do what they want with their club.. Personally I feel they should drop both titles “Strippers and Bartenders” because it’s all the same sh-t now!

Well pole poppers and so-called entitled women here is a lesson. I’m gonna tell you this, don’t think that there isn’t a better-looking woman or a woman with a better pussy.


Ben Stein | There is no institutional racism in America today!


STEIN: These guys are a bunch of sulking big babies. They don’t know what they’re talking about. There’s no institutional racism in America at all anymore. If they want to do their free speech thing, God bless them. Let them do their free speech thing. But let’s ignore them from then on. Let’s just ignore them like their bad babies and we don’t want to hear them crying off in the corner… Yes, there’s racism in every human being’s heart. There’s no institutional racism in America anymore. It’s gone.

For him to sit here and say that is like me saying Lions aren’t Ferocious. Since this man wants to delude himself into thinking that institutional racism doesn’t exist in America let me lay down 5 examples.

  1. Black people are 12 times more likely to be convicted of drug crimes considering the knowledge that the opioid crisis is an issue and it isn’t heavily affecting the Black Population like the Crack Epidemic didn’t really touch the white population during the 80’s. (Which is still seen as a coincidence to some ignorant baffoons.)
  2. 58% of America’s prisons are filled with Black and Hispanic population, even though they only make up one-quarter of the United States Population. (You can find this from the NAACP’s Crime Stat Sheet and you can also find this information in the Netflix Documentary “13th”.)
  3. 13% of all Black men are denied the rights to voting. (Click Here to see that)
  4. Schools today are more segregated than ever before the only difference is, the staff is even more bothered by the smallest things about that Black Child’s hair. (METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING AND CLICK HERE FOR THAT)
  5. 2013’s unemployment rate for black college students were twice as high as the overall unemployment rate for college students. (Click Here)

And if you go through this website you will find where I posted numerous times about INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. What I want people to realize is that just because you haven’t experienced it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

That would be like me saying NO ONE GETS RAPED! being ignorant to the fact that there are millions of rape survivors around the world.

Kodak Black Indicted on Sexual Conduct Charges.

Florence County charges Kodak with Sexual Misconduct!

Florence Couty, South Carolina- Rapper Kodak Black recently underwent Anger management classes and after completing them he had time to celebrate an accomplishment that would benefit him in the future, but little did he know his celebration would be cut short.

On October 9th, 2017 Kodak Black was indicted on first degrees sexual conduct charges by a grand jury in FLORENCE COUNTY, SC.

Black, whose real name is Dieuson Octave, was arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted a local Florence County Native in February of 2016, where the rapper was set to perform at a local club. The young woman had reported the situation to a school nurse and then the nurse reported the allegations to a Florence County sheriff’s deputy.

Octave is prevented from responding or making any remarks regarding the case. Whether it is digital, print or his social media platform and is not allowed to speak to the victim or her family.


I wonder who this woman is.

Oklahoma Cop Kills daughter’s Black Bi-Racial Boyfriend. After 3 Trials he gets fifteen years.

A white former Oklahoma police officer has finally been convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend.
Ex-Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler has now been sentenced to 15 years in prison after jurors deliberated 6+ hours and reached a verdict for a lesser charge late Wednesday in his first-degree murder trial.
Kepler was an off-duty 24-year-police veteran at the time when he shot 19-year-old Jeremey Lake who was walking with his daughter Lisa Kepler on August 5, 2014.
His attorneys have previously said he was trying to protect his daughter, while Kepler claimed he fired in self-defense because Lake was armed with a semi-automatic weapon. (Yeah right )
Police didn’t find any weapon on Lake or at the scene. According to THE DAILY MAIL,Lisa Kepler was 18 years old when she met Lake while he was volunteering at a homeless shelter where she was staying.
She told the court her parents dropped her off at the shelter in July 2014 after she had been sneaking out at night and acting out.
After a few weeks, Lake offered her a place to stay at the home he shared with his aunt, she testified.
She said on the day of the shooting, she and Lake were passing out water bottles to the homeless before walking back to his aunt’s home.
She testified that she noticed her father’s SUV parked out front and that he started asking her questions.


She said her father asked what she was doing in the neighborhood, but she couldn’t remember how she responded, she testified.

Kepler said he was trying to protect his daughter because she was living in a crime-ridden neighborhood.
Lake’s aunt said her nephew was reaching out to shake Kepler’s hand to introduce himself when Kepler fired his weapon.’

Jurors in the previous three trials had deadlocked 11-1, 10-2 and 6-6, forcing the judge to declare mistrials. Although they couldn’t agree on the murder charge, jurors in the first trial convicted Kepler of recklessly using his firearm.

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Foreign or Domestic, Young or Old, Male or Female, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….You are likely playing with fire and it’s a fire that you can’t put out. This was another teenager who died at the hands of a White Woman, who didn’t even have to scream rape. These two were dating and that father felt threatened by what? There was clearly no weapon on the scene. This man was more than likely only threatened by another “unsaid weapon” but this also goes to show these Mixed, Bi-Racial people who tend to be in denial about racism that it is still live and open today and it isn’t far removed from happening to you, and Unfortunately, this young man’s life was snuffed out because of it.