Iowa Mother leaves children at home to go on vacation to Europe.

Word on the street was that she went to go find herself a husband.

An Iowa woman was arrested after she had left her children at home and decided to take a weeks long vacation to Germany to go look for a husband. Erin Lee Macke is charged with child endangerment according to the Johnston County, Iowa  Police Department.

Macke was released out on bail and her next court appearance will be on October 9, 2017. It is unclear whether she entered a plea or not.

Macke at the moment is denying all claims against her saying that she contacted multiple family members to watch the children and they were supposed to be the ones responsible for the child’s well-being.

When officers arrived, they found Macke’s children. Two of the kids are 12, while the others are 6 and 7.
Upon further investigation, police learned Macke left the country on Sept. 20 and was not scheduled to return until Oct. 1. She made no arrangements to provide supervision of the children while she was away, according to police.
The Iowa Department of Human Services took custody of the kids. Police called Macke while she was in Germany and demanded she return home.

It is said that the children are currently residing with family members until things get sorted out.




This mother deserves to be put under the jail because anything could have happened while these children were alone. You left the country to go find a man but the thing you should’ve been looking for was your priorities to be in place. What kind of mother travels halfway around the world while her children is at home? These children can’t survive as means of cooking and cleaning, and Lord knows they most likely can’t defend themselves.

Scenario: Lets say there was someone seeing three children alone and instead of calling the cops they wanted to kidnap or maybe do something more sinister to them. (There are some people out there who would murder just out of bloodlust ie. Majority of your serial killers.) This is why I say she needs to be under the jail.

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