“God Makes No Mistakes” | Christian Couple who are arrested after letting daughter die from disease.

“God makes no mistakes,” said a Christian couple who were arrested after allowing their daughter to succumb to jaundice instead of taking her to medical officials.


Joshua and Rachel Piland, parents of the child who met her demise due to parents not getting her any medical treatment.

Joshua and Rachel Piland (Pictured above) were charged after they allowed their daughter to go on with Jaundice. The child Abigail, was born on February 6, 2017. The midwife who had helped bring Abigail along had notified Rachel that Abigail appeared jaundiced, she had been pushing Rachel to take the child to the hospital but the mother declined.

Though Rachel declined,the midwife was persistent about taking the child to the hospital herself. Rachel then declined again.

The midwife still warned her that it is possible that the baby could possibly die due to brain damage if not properly taking care of, you would think this would persuade Rachel to take the child to the hospital but she brushed it off attending church services and saying God Will Take Care of her, he makes no mistakes.

The baby’s conditioned then worsened and on February 8th, Abigail started to cough up blood.

Instead of taking the infant to the doctor, Rachel put her child ‘near a window wearing just a diaper utilizing a hair dryer to keep her warm,’ Detective Scaccia told the Lansing Journal.
Rachel would, later on, tell her mother, Rebecca Kerr, what the midwife said after Rebecca told her daughter that Abigail’s skin was not the right color.

(Sidebar: I’d assume by then after the baby started coughing blood that, this was when they would rush the damn child to the hospital but this moron still didn’t do as she was recommended.)

On February 9th the baby had blood coming from her nose and her mouth. Rebecca wanted to call 911 to get help but Rachel told her not to. By 11pm that day Rachel found her baby dead in her bouncy seat.

Rachel ran and told her husband Joshua who didn’t even try to help the baby.

(Damn, these were some cold people.)

Detective Scaccia says that Joshua didn’t want to perform CPR on the child because he ‘didn’t know how to perform it on children’.

The autopsy later confirmed that Abigail died from unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus – conditions related to jaundice. If treated Abigail would’ve more than likely survived.

Both Joshua and Rachel were charged with Involuntary Manslaughter , but they were both released after posting $75,000 bond on September 21.
Their next hearing is scheduled for October 5 in Lansing’s District Court. They face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.


As you can see here these parents didn’t give a damn about their daughter.

First, they could’ve taken this child to the hospital and then even after that they could’ve allowed the child to go with the midwife. Then even when the grandmother wanted to call the doctors, they told her not to. Then came the CPR, The father didn’t even attempt to do it on a child because he didn’t know how to do it on children. The last part could’ve been avoided had they taken the baby to the hospital.

They relied on their religion and their god to save this child and instead of using the doctors like average people they decided to allow God to take care of this, even though in that bible that they’re probably reading states that you can’t expect things to change through God without putting forth any effort.


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