Interracial Dreams Shattered| Football Player Reveals his BABY MAMA has been physically and verbally abusive.

Now, isn’t this a slap back to the face. Nothing you would expect right?


Albert Haynesworth, an Ex NFL star who pictured his future with a big house, behind golden gates, pretty light-skinned children and a white wife had his dream-reality shattered when out of nowhere his wife just started going coo-coo for cocoa puffs on his ass. Haynesworth tweeted that his wife had been abusing him and been calling him the N-WORD.

According to TMZ, The drama between Haynesworth and his ex, Brittany Jackson, went public Wednesday when she accused him of skipping out on child support for their young son.
Jackson’s a former college basketball star who says she also played in the WNBA.
Haynesworth — who reportedly made more than $50 MILLION during his NFL career — fired back with allegations of his own.
“Not only has she called me unthinkable names she has been extremely violent,” Haynesworth claims.
The 6’6″, 350-pound defensive tackle says he called police on the woman more than 10 times during their rocky 2-year relationship.

“I have witnesses and bruises but me for some reason still tried to protect her by not sending her to jail bc I didn’t want to ruin her so called career and name.”

TMZ Sports obtained a police report filed back in January in which Haynesworth told police in the state of Tennessee that Jackson kicked him in the balls twice after an argument at a friend’s house. Albert told cops she had been drinking wine.
According to the police report, Haynesworth refused medical attention. Albert never pushed forward with charges.
Haynesworth claims his ex, who is white, would call him the n-word — despite the fact they have a mixed race child together — because “she said she wanted me to feel hurt bc I didn’t show her affection.”
Haynesworth adds, “Being a man I am a provider and protector I have millions of faults that are not flattering but NO ONE deserves to be mentally and physically abuse!!!”

Now I have stated before and I have stated again interracial relationships are counterproductive to a Black Man’s life unless he is a coon. Even after he is done cooning he will be sent into the eternal pit of fire by his white masters.

Now this is the same man who went on record as to saying that he didn’t like black women, doesn’t want to date them or can’t stand their guts. Note, I am not saying that ALL of these White people are racist but it’s a majority of them who lay down with a Black Man or woman that is this way. I’ll also say this again that just because someone loves your dick or your vagina does not mean that they are in love with you.

Image result for i love your dick not you

That meme should speak a thousand words.

The funny thing is this woman is raising black children and if she is treating you like this imagine what she is doing to your children. WHO ARE BLACK! They will never be white for one black gene are scientifically dominant and secondly, the way that white supremacy is set up, your children are still considered to be a Black child. They are not white and never will be. Neither will you SIR!

He is nothing but another one of those guys who thought it would be easier but oh, boy she is kickin his ass, I hope she kicks his ass some more because he needs that ass whooping.

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