New Drug is supposed to help “TREAT” HIV/AIDS!


We are still in the beginning of the 21st century and we’ve watched Aids and HIV hit us hard in the 80’s. Some of you reading might not have been around and maybe some of you were. Even if you weren’t we all know what Aids and HIV is and we know the damages that it could do to one’s life and body if they go untreated or not seek medical attention. We’ve heard plenty of times, HELP IS ON THE HORIZON or A NEW DEVELOPMENT. Well, here we are in 2017 with a new development. 

A French drug maker Sanofi and U.S. scientists are teaming up to find a new way to treat HIV and Aids just by one pill.

According to News Max, Plans for this experiment to take place are underway to try the so-called tri-specific antibody in initial human trials before the end of 2018, potentially adding a new weapon in the fight against AIDS, assuming the product proves safe and effective.

If all goes well, the three-in-one antibody could be used either as a long-acting treatment or a vaccine, according to Sanofi Chief Scientific Officer Gary Nabel.

“There is certainly urgency for a vaccine and this could help fill that void,” he said in an interview. “But we need to do the clinical studies and let nature tell us what works.”

Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whose experts collaborated on the project, described the new approach as “intriguing”.


Now we all know that these big pharmaceutical companies are nothing but blatant hypocrites. They ARE DANGEROUS….why?…Take a look outside your window and see what is going on. An opioid plague is taking place right under our noses and who is to blame. These big pharmaceutical companies an these doctors who give out the pills to these people, so No I don’t expect any help from them when it comes to AIDS and HIV. This may as well be just another plot to make money, where they make the disease worse. Just like any sane doctor would know very well not to give his patient the actual cure, but to treat it just a little bit and make it a little worse just to keep his money coming!


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