Minnesota Prosecutor considers charges for Justine Ruszczyk shooting. All/Blue Lives Where are you?


Minnesota state probes into the shooting death of Justine Ruszcyk who was killed by a cop who had “Feared for his life”. Minnesota  Prosecutors will now determine whether they want to bring charges against officer Muhammed Noor.

CBS News reports that it’s the third high-profile police shooting case in which a prosecutor will be bringing charges against an officer instead of letting a grand jury decide. Minnesota prosecutors also decided whether to bring charges in the officer-involved deaths of Philando Castile and Jamar Clark.

Ruszcyk was killed on July 15th, 2017 after calling the police reporting a possible sexual assault near her home. The guardian reports that as Ruscyk approached the police car that there was a loud noise that could be heard throughout the street. In response officer Moore shot Ruszcyk who was approaching from the passenger side of the vehicle, ultimately killing her.

Noor has not spoken publicly about the case, and a CNN article from July 19 reports that the officer had declined to be interviewed by investigators.

Now his fate lies in the hands of Hennepin County, Minn., Attorney Mike Freeman, who says he expects his office to decide charges before the end of the year.Freeman had previously declined to bring charges in the death of Jamar Clark in 2015. In that case, the 24-year-old Clark was shot and killed by police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call. Witness accounts say that Clark was handcuffed and on the ground when he was shot, while police claim that Clark was interfering with them as they tried to help the assault victim. Officers reported that he had been trying to reach for their weapon when they shot him above his eye.

(Sidebar: This prosecutor is clearly one of the ones who would’ve probably most likely had shown his face at the Charlottesville Riot and here you see where the JUSTICE SYSTEM IS CROOKED AND SLANTED AS HELL! The Neo-Nazis and KKK are in the justice system as I and other people have been saying all along and no one believed us! Now you get stories where they admit that the KKK has infiltrated the Police Department (Click Here). They are in more than the Police department as well.)

The Department of Justice had failed to bring charges against the officers who had killed Clark.

Still, the decision to forgo a grand jury is significant in the case against Moor.


This is very sad that this took place, I personally think that anyone who is killed in this manner should get justice but my question still lingers to All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter? WHERE ARE YOU?

You guys were very prevalent when it was just black people getting killed trying to shut down Black Lives Matter, while I don’t agree with all of the goals of Black Lives Matter, I do agree that the murders of any Unarmed person by cops should stop but mainly MY PEOPLE MATTER MOST TO ME. Where is Blue Lives  Matter? They should be here protecting and speaking up for this officer if it was all about POLICE LIVES. Where is ALL LIVES MATTER? Shouldn’t they be standing on the lines shouting for this officer like they did during all of the other cases faking their neutrality?

I PERSONALLY THINK This was only a plot to shut African Americans down from speaking on the plight that we all face here in America. I and a lot of people know that they were for All Lives OR Blue Lives, in general, they were for WHITE LIVES ONLY. It was code for “‘Black People Shut The Hell Up!” They are showing their true colors and showing their true form by not speaking up. This is why when anyone comes to me about “WELL ALL LIVES MATTER” I begin shutting shit down and locking it all away because I don’t see where All Lives are mattering. How could All Lives Matter if Black Lives don’t? Where are you? You don’t want to speak up for cops in general………


In the long run, you will see where all of this backfires and becomes. #VoodooIsWorking

Also, let me note that this woman is being put out there as JUSTINE DAMOND! The media is only doing that to make it seem as if she was already married to the man. She wasn’t she was due to be married. How does she take the last name and she wasn’t even married to this man. This is a pure example of WHITE PRIVELEGE because Right now if I was to go by a name that wasn’t on my Birth Certificate or that wasn’t signed by Law they would still put me out there by my birth name.

This man has clearly FUCKED UP  because he murdered a white lady and used the “I feared for my life”. He fucked up big time, you heard the girl Tomi Lahren when she said one of US = TWENTY of them. So you know how these White Supremacist Savages think and where they are standing loyal to. As we can see this crooked justice system is going to try and bury him under the jail.

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