Demario Jackson on why he didn’t SCOLD Corrine Olympios “I represented all black men”

Okay this has got to be the stupidest thing that I’ve seen. I think I’m getting closer and closer to wanting this guy dead and not wanting anyone to find his murderer. Demario Jackson was accused of sexual assault and it was later on verified that this was not sexual assault that took place. [Click Here] to find that. Also not only that some weird activity took place after that, he forgave too damn easily. [Click Here]


DeMario Jackson has revealed why he has never stooped down low and below the belt for Corrine Olympios during the sexual assault scandal that took place this year.

Jackson said: ‘My hope is that eventually when people type in my name on Google, they see someone who never stooped low throughout this entire thing.
‘I wasn’t just representing DeMario Jackson. I was representing African-American males.’

(Side Dish: No they are actually going to see you as another statistical savage black man that just shockingly didn’t take the heat for some white girl’s promiscuity and lust for black dick.)


Jackson continued: ‘I have had random people stop me and say, “You are better than me. You handled that so well, better than I would have.”‘
He and the blonde beauty were spotted kissing outside of Nightingale Plaza in Los Angeles late last month but denied they were an item, saying they were just friends.
The nightclub outing came a day after Olympios publicly apologized to Jackson after an episode of Bachelor in Paradise and said she harbored no ill feelings towards him.
Olympios sat down with host Chris Harrison to recall the events both before and after the controversy erupted.
She said: ‘I would want to tell him … I respect you as a human, I have nothing against you, I am so sorry you had to go through this.



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