Sanderson High School Student Arrested after making threats of mass shooting of school.

Ryan Coves

RALEIGH (WTVD) –A Sanderson High School student was arrested Thursday in connection with a social media threat.

Around 10 a.m., Raleigh police arrested 16-year-old Ryan Koves on school grounds and charged him with making a false report of mass violence on education property – a felony charge.

Koves’ arrest came one week after a Garner High School student was arrested on the same charge.

Now I would like to say this that, this is where people were always wrong at. See I went to  Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, and they would always say that our school was nothing but bad kids. These kids over at these schools were the ones everyone was calling “THE GOOD KIDS” But not once in the years that I had been there at Southeast did I witness or hear about someone threatening to shoot up the school. Now yes, before I came there was a hammer incident where a guy attacked a girl with a hammer because she wouldn’t be with him. Other than that, I don’t recall being at Southeast and hearing things like this happen. If it wasn’t a fight, a disobedient child or a child being goofy, it wasn’t any of this threatening to shoot or blow up the school. Yes, there might have been a fight every blue moon but this is one of those things that you hear about at their school more often. BUT THEY WERE THE GOOD KIDS.

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