Ohio Cop Shoots News Photographer After mistaking his tripod for GUN!

A news organization in Ohio says that one of their photographers were shot after a routine traffic stop because one of the officers mistaked his camera and tripod for a gun! The New Carlisle News reporter Andy Grimm had left the office Monday to photograph the lightening that was in the sky that night. He then saw a Clarke County sheriff deputy performing a traffic stop.

Grimm told the news report that he then decided to photograph the traffic stop. So he began setting up his tripod and camera and just when he went to snap the picture he was shot in the side. Grimm was taken to the local Emergency Room where he underwent surgery. He is expected to recover.

He said he is very sore but otherwise is doing fine,” read a post on the outlet’s Facebook page. “He said they expect to be releasing him sometime tomorrow.”

Grimm told reporters that he didn’t hear any warning, no one said anything to him. He was just SHOT! (Sounds familiar huh!) He says that he doesnt want the deputy to lose his job but to explain why did he have to shoot him? The case has now been turned over to the Ohio Bureau of Investigation. Source


He wants to know why he was shot. Maybe he should have complied with the officers. Maybe he shouldn’t have been taking pictures. Maybe he shouldn’t have been getting out of his car so violently.

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