Four arrested for abusing 10 year old girl.| She HADN’T SHOWERED IN FOUR WEEKS!

Four people have been arrested for abusing a 10-year-old female child who authorities say was pushed along a dirt road by a rope attached to a car. Amongst the abusers was the girl’s own mother.

Leslieann Raeder, 34, her boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, his sister Brandy, 18, and her boyfriend Shawn Whaely, 23, all have been charged for tormenting the girl since April of 2017.

The girl’s mother’s boyfriend Gary Bubis Jr., 37, (left) his sister Brandy Shraver 18, (center), and Brandy’s boyfriend Shawn Whaley, 23, (right), are all charged with assault. Her mother wasn’t pictured! shockingly!!!!

Get more details below…

According to the sheriff deputies, the girl was being tormented in ways that were “UNIMAGINABLE”. One way they tormented her was by starving her monthly, only giving her one meal a day and whatever that meal was, had hot sauce on top of it. The 10-year-old had to sneak food in order to survive during those brutal times.

The girl was also made to run for the adult’s entertainment. Following her with a car, If she didn’t run fast enough for them they would bump her with the car. If not that, they would tie her up with rope and make her run ahead of the car “ROPE’S DISTANCE”. Sometimes before making her run the adults would give her a heavy backpack to put on, one on her back and the other on her front.


The road they would make the child run down as punishment.

The home where the abuse took place since April of 2017.

If she didn’t fall in line they would beat her like a dog with a tightly rolled newspaper. These abusive practices were passed off as discipline and punishment techniques.

‘I still can’t wrap my brain around it,’ Oswego County Undersheriff Eugene Sullivan said, describing the case as the worst he’d seen in recent memory.
The girl’s mother is the only one facing child abuse charges. She has been charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

All others were charged with assault in the second degree. Bubis is also accused of harming a three-year-old who police say he scalded with hot water.
The 10-year-old lived in the home with the three-year-old and a 12-year-old but police say she had been singled out.

All three of the children are currently living with other relatives.


ABUSE ISN’T OKAY! These people practically got this child and gave her near barbaric treatment. If they will do it on their own, then they will do it to yours.


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