MURDER | Pregnant 16-year-old found stuffed in suitcase.

His mother didn’t want her to be the mother of his child, and neither did he!

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Marlon Martinez (Left), Emely Pugero (Right) Boy kills the girl because he didn’t want her having his baby.

The body of 16-year-old Emely Peguero was found stuffed in a suitcase in the city of LaGuama. It is said that Pugero was five months pregnant at the time of her murder and after she went to a doctor’s appointment with her boyfriend she had never returned. 

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Marlon Martinez

It is said that her boyfriend Marlon Martinez wasn’t too happy about the fact that she was pregnant. He did not want her to have his baby and neither did Martinez’s mother. So being that abortions are illegal in the Dominican Republic, the only way to get rid of a child is by harming/killing the mother OR performing an abortion from home.

Well, Martinez just took the easier way out by performing his own mix of the two by trying to perform an abortion on the young lady and in addition to that he began hitting Pugero over the head causing her to bleed out. (What the fuck?)

Her boyfriend had already confessed to the murder and he admitted that his mother had assisted him in hiding  Peguero’s body. Peguero’s family fears that they may not see justice because Martinez’s mother works for the Dominican Republic’s government.


This is truly sad, in no way am I for what took place. Now, this is why I urge people to not just teach about sex because most times when they teach it they don’t teach the essential parts about it. They just teach the ins and outs and don’t talk about protection. Like the Amber Rose Slut Walk, for example, promotes promiscuity instead of sexual liberation (And yes there is a difference between the two.) While it promotes sexual promiscuity, they don’t talk about condoms or protection at all. (No, this isn’t what happened in the story but I’m just stating what could play a role in this situation)

Also, I am against teenage pregnancy/motherhood because I don’t believe mentally anyone is ready for that challenge of being a mother at those tender ages. You are supposed to be out having fun living your lives and being care free but yet you’re out having sex and getting knocked up. This put’s a stop to your life and leaves a gap on your mentality as if you’re still stuck in a place and in the mind frame of being 15 or 16. I feel like, shit happens you see where things work out for the better sometimes with some of these mother’s in different cultures but at most times it doesn’t!

I strongly believe that this young woman was probably so in-love with this young man that she believed that they would live the happy lifestyle with a child in their relationship. People actually fail to believe that children are sometimes the main dividend of relationships. Little did she know that it wasn’ all love it was mostly about him, and that’s a fact. She was pregnant and sadly naive to this because had he really loved her, he would’ve allowed her to live and keep the baby. I’m sorry if you aren’t responsible enough to put a condom on your penis then you don’t need to be labeled a man.  I will say this again….

I’m sorry I have to honestly say that Emely isn’t the only one to blame in this situation. I felt as if this guy, who looks older than the young woman should have been responsible. Had he been responsible this wouldn’t have happened. For you guys out there if you aren’t responsible enough to put a condom on your penis then you don’t need to be labeled a man. LEARN TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  I will say this again….


This guy, Martinez is the prime example of the same guys who walk around beating on their chest screaming “Alpha Male” but can’t put a lid on the bottle. They blame the woman for everything and say “Well she didn’t make me wear a condom”. That’s not how it goes, you still have consent to walk away. If she declines you putting on a condom you still have consent to walk away. I think for the most part there are men out there who are still going to go for the offer even after seeing that this woman was trying to lock you in with a child, which for the most part hardly turns out good. (No, I’m not saying that was the situation here but it could’ve been).

People also need to learn about the person they are getting intimate with because I find it very funny that people are so quick to have this ONE NIGHT STANDS, raw fucking and bumping and jiving. I believe that it’s all stupid to just go to bed with someone out of lust and end up knocked up, but those weren’t your intentions. Even this young couple who were in a relationship, I think that had they gotten the time to get to know one another they would’ve found out that they weren’t meant to be together or that this isn’t what the both of them wanted. There were so many things that could’ve prevented this from happening. You could see from the photo above this girl is technically still a child who is maturing into adulthood. This is a confusing time for people at that age, instead of thinking and trying to create themselves they are having irresponsible sex and shacking it up. Had they spent more time getting to know one another because there are guys and girls out here who put on a poker face and are being unauthentic about their purpose in most of these relationships. It’s sad that it took this guy MURDERING THIS YOUNG WOMAN. It’s sad.



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