BowWow Gets Savagely thirsty over Iggy Azalea and Folks aren’t having it.

Okay, everybody, we saw this buffoonery coming and I think more activity like the coonery will continue coming. I’ve only expected this to come because symptoms of a self-hating black man can be seen in his past and you can clearly see it in his past where he denounced being black but
NATIVE AMERICAN. My brother, please admit that you were bitch made and pulled an AL SHARPTON on your damn hair.

A video was posted online by DJ Akademiks of Iggy Azalea walking back and forth on a stage with tight leggings on. This footage of Iggy

showing some falsified contours and curves, was what made the rapper subject to being roasted online.

“I swear id eat her 👅🍑 NO PROBLEM! Idgaf,😂” Bow Wow wrote in the comments section of Akademiks’ post. The thirst in that statement is very real and plain to see.

It only took a few seconds for people to call Bow Wow on his thirsty ass comment.

@shadmoss Boy if you don’t get your ass back on your fake private jet 🙄,”

@shadmoss tha type of nigga to do the #bowwowchallenge with a b.s. Iggy Azealia as we speaking 😂😭,”


You know, personally I don’t see why people expect to see better from BowWow. This boy clearly denounces being Black or anything Black. He is the usual coon because as I said before on this blog, anytime a White woman or a woman of another race has features attributed to Black Women (ie. Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Kylie Jenner etc.) they get the praise because as I said before Psychologically the White Vagina is held up to a higher standard by these coons. They bash other Black Women but roll over in bed next to these women who are potentially waiting for them to die to get their coins.

Yes, she has contours and curves but best believe if she was alive in the 80’s and back she would be so damn worried about IS MY ASS TOO FAT? This negro-pean will not learn, never will learn and never want to learn. I hope this is another one who gets their wake up call. The thirst is real! I guess the wake-up call will be one like the Black Guy who was killed in Greece over that White Woman.

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