Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen

I don’t care what Tyler Perry has to say at the moment because at the end of the NIGHT (because that’s when I’m writing this), Joel Osteen will forever be a fraud much like T.D. Jakes, much like Creflo GoldBricks. As I said before on this website these are the types of pastors who drives Bentleys and their congregation is poor as hell. The same old church tradition of buying your way into heaven is seen with these people.


This week Houston, Texas mega church pastor Joel Osteen came under fiery criticism for his delayed response in opening the doors of Lakewood Church to Hurricane Harvey survivors to get that story CLICK HERE.

Film director Tyler Perry defends Osteen and donates $250k to his ministry…

In a video posted on Facebook, Tyler Perry claims that he spoke to Joel Osteen personally and assures his fans that Osteen’s reasons for not opening their church immediately after the storm made perfect sense to him.

Perry then also cautioned against giving to charities that don’t distribute the monies to people in need.

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