Florida couple CLAIMS black man with Mohawk stabbed them to only find that this was a LIE!


Jacobs (Left) McCornack (Right)

A Florida woman claims that a Black man with a mohawk stabbed she and her boyfriend. Turns out that she was the one being charged after a bizarre string of incidents.

A Highland County, Florida deputy responded to a call at the Avon Park Homes after a woman by the name of Christina Ann MacCornack, 28, (pictured above) called and reported a stabbing. Soon after being questioned the authorities noticed that McCormick’s story suddenly began to fall apart.

Alongside her was her boyfriend Christopher Thomas Jacobs, 27, (pictured above) also helped with the fabricated story. He also added that the man was Black and wore a mohawk.

After being called on their crap they confessed. The story goes that Jacobs had just returned from the hospital after nearly being electrocuted while changing a light bulb. Deputies say that  Jacobs told them that after the couple had been arguing about drugs, MacCornack tried to leave the house naked and he dragged her inside.

After further arguing, MacCornack stabbed Jacobs in the stomach, deputies said. MacCornack told deputies she was hugging Jacobs because he was threating to hurt himself.

Deputies say that  MacCornack had been punched in the face and had bruises along her legs and arms. Being that the incident was a domestic dispute, both people were taken in without questioning.


Okay, yet again another story of domestic violence from these meth heads out there. You know I have to say, for 28, she looks damn near good for a person on crack.  cackles JK, She is beyond ugly. And for him to even be 27 and looking like that is sad, he looks like he’s about 40. This woman looks as if she has no age at all! You see that they aren’t all put together and that is sad for them but I’m over her laughing. It’s clear that they both have issues with their hands, why to be around one another if you know that you are going to hurt each other. Oh right, you both do drugs together. YOU’RE METH BUDDIES!!!


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